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the best practices and strategies of data migration in businesses

The Best Practices & Strategies Of Data Migration In Businesses

Every business goes through the data migration process at some or other point due to multiple reasons. The main idea behind data migration is a change in the storage space; it can be shifting from one server to another, or from one database to another, or moving data from one operating system to another. The businesses follow the basic process that includes 3 basic steps, (ETL) Extract/Transf

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the future trends of business intelligence and analytics in 2021

The Future Trends Of Business Intelligence & Analytics In 2021

This year businesses have observed several changes in the way they operate. The pandemic has led the world to adopt digital patterns due to the massive impact on the economy. This situation has compelled people to work from home instead of offices. For those working in offices has to adopt safer working conditions.  

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how can data mining be helpful in the healthcare sector

How Can Data Mining Be Helpful In The Healthcare Sector

Data Mining is one of the most all-rounder techniques that has received a good response in private, public, and healthcare organizations. It is primarily used for interpreting big data & analytics for streamlining the workflow at hospitals by helping doctors & nurses cater to their patients much better. Data mining() can benefit surgeons to evaluate significant volumes of datasets &am

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5 ways to elucidate big data while talking to users

5 Ways To Elucidate Big Data While Talking To Users

About 87% of businesses asserted in a recent report that data was an asset, while 25% of respondents claimed that they felt ready to utilize data. Only 37% felt their decisions were enhanced with data, and a full 74% felt totally overwhelmed with data. The Qlik-Accenture survey released these findings in January.  

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how to boost business growth with data analytics

How To Boost Business Growth With Data Analytics

Data analytics is one of the most powerful tools for a business. There's a treasure of information available to any company that's willing to adopt it. Data is probably the essential resource a business can possess. You can drive positive results with data and support your business's growth.  

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predictive analytics can help businesses to predict future

Predictive Analytics Can Help Businesses To Predict Future

Predictive analytics is becoming accessible for small businesses to go ahead in the cut-throat competition by data mining and producing meaningful intelligence. Your customers are providing you with the data that can help you forecast the future. From a customer's purchase history to improving product campaigns, predictive analytics can be the perfect digital marketing solution for your b

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top big data trends that will rule in 2021

Top Big Data Trends That Will Rule In 2021

In the past few years, big data has become a massive concept in all the technical fields. The availability of wireless connections & other developments has made the analysis of big data sets easier. Businesses and big organizations are gaining strength each year by raising their data analytics and p

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top devops trends in the market for the year 2021

Top DevOps Trends In The Market For The Year 2021

There has been astonishing growth in the software development industry in the past decade. The current digitalized world is growing like never before, of which multiple tech instances are coming out daily. DevOps is known to everyone in the IT field, especially in recent years, since the world is becoming more digitized each day.

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understanding video analytics its uses and opportunities

Understanding Video Analytics: It's Uses & Opportunities

In recent times, video analytics is also referred to as intelligent video analytics or video content analysis. It has attracted attention from the industry and the academic world. Thanks to the considerable growth in deep learning, video content analysis has emerged with the automation of tasks.

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top programming languages for data scientists to learn in 2020

Top Programming Languages For Data Scientists To Learn In 2020

Data science is focused on pulling knowledge from data, which means acquiring in-depth information implementing scientific concepts to vast sets of data used to inform high-level decision-making. Taking the Covid-19 scenario, the government officials evaluate data sets accessed from various sources such a

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