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Video Analytics Service

Nowadays, large volumes of digital data are being generated & processed in the form of text, images, audio, & video and this trend is expected to grow enormously in the future. Companies must equip themselves competently to address the growing demands of data analytics driven by this change. Video Analytics is a computerized video footage analysis that uses algorithms to differentiate between object types and recognize certain behavior or action in real-time and provide alerts and insights to users. Video analytics has given a unique way of examining activities, which otherwise is very difficult to trace. It has gain popularity in-app and business, which has large user walk-ins and personal communication.

Benefits of Video Analytics


  • Identification of suspicious activities in the given premises
  • Promotes smarter and better decision formation
  • It helps in producing safety gadgets or systems
  • Video Analytics helps in infrastructure planning
  • It helps to understand user behavior or any repetitive trends and patterns


About HData Systems

HData Systems' comprehensive video analytics offering includes software products for on-premise installations as well as cloud-based SaaS, with skills ranging from real-time video analysis and alerts to video search and business intelligence. The solutions are fully combined with a variety of cameras, encoders, video management systems, and alarm automation software.
We have a team of experts to set up automated video analysis that can be a near real-time analysis. At HData Systems, we are capable to track and identify objects, faces, license plates, colors, & more from analog or digital video streams. And providing video & image analytics that can be seamlessly combined with your current hardware.

Features of Video Analytics


  • Intrusion Detection
  • Vehicle Monitoring
  • Loitering and Crowd Detection
  • Object Dropped and Removed Detection
  • Auto Tracking Software
  • Operations Optimisation


Video Analytics Services We Offer


  • Facial Recognition

    At HData Systems, we provide faster facial searches & reduced investigation times by allowing security teams to efficiently capture, and record faces or any video connected with them. These are very helpful in quickly finding suspects in crime cases.
  • Vehicles and Traffic

    We allow security teams to instantly search & find videos of vehicles by size, color, speed, motion and direction. It benefits protect entryways to facilities & better manage traffic in emergency parking lots outside critical areas.
  • Customer Counting

    At HData Systems our team provides detailed reporting & actionable insights on customer visits to high traffic areas like changing rooms, customer information counter, return counters, etc.
  • Queue Monitoring

    We help to monitor the length of customer queue at registration desks, door entry points, or information counters during different times of the day.

  • License Plate Recognition

    At HData Systems we allow security personnel to fast track and identify full or incomplete license plates to locate suspects or find any evidence.
  • Athletes Performance

    At HData Systems, our sports analytics data services provide analytical & detailed video information by systemic observation to help athletes & coaches know performance.
  • Customer Identification

    Our team helps you to count & identify customers by age & gender to optimize your marketing strategy.
  • Customer Behaviour

    AT HData Systems, we provide useful insights on the way customers behave in a particular environment or react to promotions to allow you to measure the performance of marketing campaigns & displays.
  • Wrong Direction / Speed Threshold

    Our algorithm can detect the real speed of the vehicle or object, regardless of its orientation to the camera, as well as, the way of movement for an area of interest.
  • Image Stabilization

    Camera movement is commonplace, annoying and places destruction on most motion detection products. Our stabilization algorithm eliminates this video shifting providing a solid video for 3rd party systems and operator viewing.


Tools We Use to Create Data Video Analytics


  • OpenCV Python
  • V1 Pro
  • Siliconcoach
  • Elite Sports Analysis
  • Tracker
  • Dartfish Pro suite
  • Quintic software packages
  • Motion View Video Analysis Software
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Marketing Campaign Optimization


Why Choose HData Systems Solutions For Video Analytics

At HData Systems, we integrate a broad array of technical capabilities, functionalities, and technology to produce quality web analytics services. Our video analytics services can be tailored as per your business requirements to produce the desired results. Our analysts strictly follow all the data security policies and give you with helpful insights from your business video feeds.
By Partnering With Us, You Can Avail The Following Advantages
  • Cost-effective Services
  • High Accuracy
  • Industry-best Tools
  • Swift Turnaround Time
  • Operational Transparency
  • Complete Data Confidentiality


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