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struggles for data quality and data governance in a machine learning ecosystem

Struggles For Data Quality & Data Governance In A Machine Learning (ML) Ecosystem

The high accessibility of data, advanced data science technologies, and improved computing power jointly make a lethal combination for data-driven results. With the open data economy around the corner, fine-tuned data governance capabilities will be the aim of many businesses.  

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smart maintenance approach using data analytics

Smart Maintenance Approach Using Data Analytics

Transportation is an essential service in the Indian economy and society. With an approximately 1.35 billion population, the Indian economy widely depends on the commute of its citizens. Indian railways act as a lifeline for the country, as it carries 13 million passengers each day. The passengers' safety is of supreme importance to the system. Over the years, besides the regular safety n

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business intelligence bi: how will it reshape the future in 2021

Business Intelligence (BI): How Will It Reshape The Future In 2021

Many entrepreneurs see BI as a breakthrough tool. Hence, some questions arise, such as: How will BI reshape the future of 2021? With BI tools front & center in today's marketplace, what will happen to this sort of famous business method as we move ahead? We've made a few predictions about the future of BI to answer these questions. BI is expected to become more proactive, insightf

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top skills recommended to become a data scientist in 2021

Top Skills Recommended To Become A Data Scientist In 2021

Big data is used to generate insights that have driven data scientists' demand at the business level across all industries. Suppose it is to refine the product development process, enhance customer retention, or mine through data to get new business opportunities. In that case, businesses are increasingly depending on the data scientist skills to survive, flourish, and get one step ahead

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transformation drives ai and vice versa - video analytics

Transformation Drives AI & Vice Versa - Video Analytics

For a few years now, AI has been one of the biggest trends in the security department. Providing the ability to learn with time, AI offers the technology to speculate and recognize potential issues as they are unlocking. Considering the video's value in security, it was a good fit for AI apps.  

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the best practices and strategies of data migration in businesses

The Best Practices & Strategies Of Data Migration In Businesses

Every business goes through the data migration process at some or other point due to multiple reasons. The main idea behind data migration is a change in the storage space; it can be shifting from one server to another, or from one database to another, or moving data from one operating system to another. The businesses follow the basic process that includes 3 basic steps, (ETL) Extract/Transf

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the future trends of business intelligence and analytics in 2021

The Future Trends Of Business Intelligence & Analytics In 2021

This year businesses have observed several changes in the way they operate. The pandemic has led the world to adopt digital patterns due to the massive impact on the economy. This situation has compelled people to work from home instead of offices. For those working in offices has to adopt safer working conditions.  

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how can data mining be helpful in the healthcare sector

How Can Data Mining Be Helpful In The Healthcare Sector

Data Mining is one of the most all-rounder techniques that has received a good response in private, public, and healthcare organizations. It is primarily used for interpreting big data & analytics for streamlining the workflow at hospitals by helping doctors & nurses cater to their patients much better. Data mining() can benefit surgeons to evaluate significant volumes of datasets &am

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5 ways to elucidate big data while talking to users

5 Ways To Elucidate Big Data While Talking To Users

About 87% of businesses asserted in a recent report that data was an asset, while 25% of respondents claimed that they felt ready to utilize data. Only 37% felt their decisions were enhanced with data, and a full 74% felt totally overwhelmed with data. The Qlik-Accenture survey released these findings in January.  

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how to boost business growth with data analytics

How To Boost Business Growth With Data Analytics

Data analytics is one of the most powerful tools for a business. There's a treasure of information available to any company that's willing to adopt it. Data is probably the essential resource a business can possess. You can drive positive results with data and support your business's growth.  

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