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Elasticsearch Solutions

Elasticsearch is a distributed, open-source search and analytics engine for all types of data, including textual, numerical, geospatial, structured, and unstructured. Elasticsearch is known for its simple REST APIs, distributed nature, speed, and scalability. The Elastic Stack now includes a rich collection of lightweight shipping agents known as Beats for sending data to Elasticsearch. Elasticsearch is an analytics engine that allows users to store, search, and analyze a massive amount of data quickly and in near real-time. It is used as a technology that powers applications that have complex search requirements. 
With HLIS on Elasticsearch, you can now use the leading cognitive search platform on top of the most popular open-source index for maximum scalability, flexibility, and connection. With easy setup and configuration, a fast, scalable version of Logstash, and Kibana visuals, our team saves your organization from added IT, support, and maintenance costs at maximum scalability.
We can help you to save precious time and resources that avoid unnecessary errors & dead ends and implement best practices, design, configure, and deploy effective and scalable data processing and search architectures. Moreover, we provide inexpensive custom development to support your Elastic Stack efforts. We apply our deep insights into logistics, distribution, manufacturing, and retail to enrich your Elastic Stack initiative. 

Advantages of using Elasticsearch Solutions


  • Elasticsearch Saves Users Time and Reduces Irrelevant Search Results
  • Elasticsearch suggests Relevant Search Results
  • Elastic Stack Apps Are Extremely Fast, Even While Processing a Complex Search Query
  • Improve Your Existing Search & Present Single Unified Result through SmartHub.


Service We Provide For Elasticsearch


  • Elastic for App Search

    Our Elastic App Search brings the focused power of Elasticsearch to a clean set of APIs and intuitive dashboards.
  • Elastic for Site Search

    At HData Systems, we provide the tools you need to build a powerful website search with no learning curve by Elastic site search.
  • Elastic for Enterprise Search

    Our team expands your team’s productivity by consolidating all your content platforms — Google Drive, Salesforce, etc with Elastic Enterprise Search.


Why You Should Choose HData Systems For Elasticsearch 

With nearly a decade of experience in open source search, our team can help you:
  • We Develop Custom Elasticsearch Apps
  • Increase The Importance Of Elasticsearch Search Results
  • Troubleshoot Performance Problems
  • Evaluate Elastic For Log Analytics Vs Slunk
  • Craft Semantically Aware And Personalized Elasticsearch Apps
  • Build Custom Elasticsearch Functionality And Plugins
  • Evaluate Elastic For Log Analytics Vs Slunk


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