Cloud Automation Infrastructure

Facilitating Cloud Automation Infrastructure
HData Systems enabled cloud automation infrastructure


We have enabled cloud automation infrastructure to one of the leading Global Payments Companies that helps customers forecast the future through its products, expertise, and solutions. The company is a well-renowned global provider of secure, smooth, and innovative solutions to payment card issuers, i.e., retail companies & financial institutions in around 80 nations globally.

Speaking of which, a leading payments technology company delivers its innovative software & services to our client. The company merged with our client recently, strengthening its operations extensively and having an unparalleled reach worldwide.

Client Requirement

One of the leading payment solutions company, approached HData Systems with their unique requirement to develop a powerful, secure, and reliable technology infrastructure that could do the following things-

  • Secure company's data to cope with the increasing threat of cyberattacks & data violations.

  • Enable script automation to prevent manual process-related glitches.

  • Improves network performance via agile apps to handle network topology changes & dynamic bandwidth requirements.

  • Decrease the operational cost as more bandwidth means more intricacy and more operational expenditure.

  • Reduce downtown to mitigate revenue loss as network blackouts significantly interrupt the company's operations, negatively affecting client loyalty.

  • Measure the network to prepare for future on-demand growth to cope with changes in real-time.

Client Requirement - One of the leading payment solutions Company


The top global payment solutions company chose us to deliver robust and highly reliable tech solutions. We had to develop a continuous integration and delivery pipeline to automate the whole code deployment process.

The following were the solutions implemented by our efficient HData team:

  • We built the cloud-agnostic automation process via scripts such as Python, cloud formation, Terraform, etc.

  • We rendered cloud support portal login for clients to elevate support requests & gain access to pertinent information about the supported environment.

  • To enhance deliverables' efficiency, supervision, and infrastructure management.

  • We built PoC for various cloud framework models to match business needs for multiple business lines.

  • We advised the client on applying industry best practices while also meeting deliverables' timelines.

  • We facilitated constant delivery with in-built DevOps capabilities, incorporation with Jenkins, and tools recognized and used by the client within a cloud deployment.

  • Moreover, we checked the architecture from time to time and offered imperative feedback towards cost optimization following the best practices & industry suggestions.

  • We improved security with multi-factor authentication, least privilege access for developers, and active-directory federation control.

  • We incorporated the Apptio tool on the cloud using tagging technology.

  • We increased the availability by implementing ec2, auto-scaling groups, & networks to cope with traffic spikes, snapshots, and AIM usages to handle instant deployment or disaster recovery problems.

  • We streamlined the recruit onboarding process with a single self-service offering & auto-routing of those requests, decreasing manual labor.


There was a lot of brainstorming required by our HData team as our client had some unique requirements that were new to our team. It took ample time and research to find the right tech stack to build secure, reliable, and robust solutions.

We researched similar past projects conducted while guiding our client on implementing the best practices. Streamlining the recruit onboarding process while reducing manual labor was something really challenging, as we had to apply minds for how to do it effectively.


We are glad that, after all, everything went well, and we combat the challenges while finding the best solutions to meet our clients' needs. Our determined and talented pool of developers are all prepared to meet every challenge that comes their way.



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