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How AI Is Making Differences in Online Food Delivery Systems?

Online deliveries have not been limited just to food items, all thanks to the global pandemic. But even so, if we consider all the other industries, the food delivery industry alone will beat all the other industries. The food delivery system is not a new concept but the usage of Artificial Intelligence has given a sudden enhancement to leveraging the food delivery mobile applications to order the food and enjoy them wit

  • 5 min read

How to Use AI in Mobile Applications in 2022

One thing that helps various mobile applications like Spotify, Airbnb, Siri and millions of other applications to win over their users' hearts by providing a customized user experience is just one thing and that is Artificial Intelligence.    Even though it seems like just a mere concept that one survives without utilizing it yet the implemen

  • 5 min read

Azure DevOps Is New VSTS

So, you guys probably know what VSTS and What Azure DevOps are, as you are in this article. I suppose you have a little idea about that. No? Let me tell you in short what is VSTS and What is Azure DevOps?  What is VSTS? VSTS (Visual Studio Team Services) was a cloud-hosted extension that was run by Microsoft and assisted development teams with special tools and services.

  • 4 min read

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the future of the higher education by hdata systems

The Future Of The Higher Education : Big Data, Cybersecurity And The Metaverse

In this fast-growing world, you can not predict what is going to happen even tomorrow. A new Technology can be born, A new planet can be explored, and Maybe Aliens can come to the earth too. It’s completely unpredictable, right?    Let’s focus on the born of new technology. In recent years the higher education has leaped and gone only

  • 4 min read
how is data science helping businesses growth in 2022

How Is Data Science Helping Businesses Growth In 2022?

Organizations all over the planet were placed on edge when the pandemic quickly expanded the expectation for digital services, uncovering holes in digital experience and databases and speeding up advanced change across the business. The pandemic proved the importance of the data in the functional systems.    Understanding the importance of artifi

  • 5 min read
data science education is the new gold rush

Data science Education Is The New Gold Rush

"Just knowing your data isn't enough, you have to know how to apply it correctly. This is what separates rich people, from extremely rich people." The person who coined the term is a genius. I can say that with full confidence because I am the one who quoted this. Yeah, you're welcome for this wisdom bomb.  

  • 5 min read
speech analytics, what is it and what it can do?

Speech Analytics: What Is It And What It Can Do?

The most significant issue in the field of voice analysis is that it has never been very accurate. It seems like there's a gap between what you can measure and what you want to measure.    But now, thanks to new advancements in artificial intelligence, speech analytics may be more accurate than ever before. 

  • 5 min read
top 10 keys benefits of cloud automation in the healthcare industry

Top 10 Keys Benefits of Cloud Automation in The Healthcare Industry

What will be your first thought whenever you hear the word cloud automation? You might think of it as something that only IT experts deal with, right? But, no, cloud computing and cloud automation are an eternal part of the most industry. Every industry out there is using cloud automation platforms and leveraging its benefits for their businesses. According to

  • 5 min read
need of the hour is digital transformation

Need of the hour is Digital transformation

Picture this. You’re a farmer. I don’t know why I started from this, but screw it, we will run with it. You’re a farmer and you grow corn, okay?   You have your nice land, a simple house, and use your oxen or some other bovine animals to plow your field. Things are good. You make some profit. But as the years roll by, you see some ch

  • 5 min read
banks in the metaverse: why to get in early and 3 ways to start

Banks in the Metaverse: Why to Get In Early and 3 Ways to Start

Metaverse technology is developed with support from top-notch technologies and trends such as blockchains, cryptocurrency, and NFTs (non-fungible tokens), making them work in future digital economies. Virtual assets, for example, real estate and collectables are addressed as NFTs and exchanged utilizing cryptos, while blockchains give digital evidence of proprietorship to these resources.

  • 5 min read
why does the banking sector need digital transformation?

How Digital Transformation Is Shaping the Banking Sector

The COVID-19 has not just made people health conscious but has shifted them towards the remote working environment as well. Whether we talk about shopping or banking and financial services, people out there prefer digital transactions for that with minimal human interaction. The rise of digitization has enhanced the traditional banking norms. Even the stats show that in 2020, the Far East and China already accounted for

  • 6 min read
what is deep learning exactly

What Is Deep Learning Exactly?

If I ask you, what is the best method for humans to learn anything, then what would you say? Rote learning? Practical learning? Book learning? Try to remember, what are some ways that come easy for you to learn something new?   Well now scientists have understood that actually none of the above-mentioned techniques are perfect, but there is one method

  • 5 min read
Trends in 2022- 6 Fintech and Technology Developments That Will Transform Customer Service.

Trends in 2022- 6 Fintech and Technology Developments That Will Transform Customer Service.

People's attitudes about financial services have shifted as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic. Most clients would rather do business online than visit a bank or other financial institution. This significant shift in behavior has expedited the transition to digital transformation.   However, relying just on digital technology to ensure customer hap

  • 5 min read

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