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Business Intelligence has been a blessing for businesses delivering great insights regarding their customers, which helps them make improved business decisions, and several other business areas. HData Systems created a business intelligence solution for a client who has developed apps for baby care provision to ensure that the data is gathered and reported in the best ways possible and improve the user experience for the mobile app users to receive and share reports efficiently.

Client Requirement

Our US-based client is involved in iOS and Android apps concerning baby care provision. The mobile app solution facilitates personal data reporting and ensures the delivery of valuable content. The client was looking for big data experts who are pro in BI implementation. They want a robust solution in place that collects users' data and analyzes it in the best possible way. They also wanted to offer a smooth user experience to their users to boost user engagement. With this idea in mind, the client approached HData Systems to develop a solution that fulfills their requirements.

client requirements for bi-based-baby-care-mobile-app


  • Our team began researching use cases, data origins, and app model principles and how the client's users and the team use the app. Thus, after profound research and continuous internal communication, we meticulously developed a BI implementation plan.

  • Our HData Systems team gathered the critical data needed to have a better idea of the client's existing solution to improvise on it. We got to know the wrongs and the rights of the current system that enabled us to create and incorporate a reliable solution to manage and detect issues.

  • The next step was to evaluate the current reporting and enhance it according to the client's business needs. We made specific changes to the current reporting system and helped the client upscale the current reporting capabilities both for the users and the team members.


  • We faced the significant challenge to render data analysis, consulting services, data support and reporting inside the app. However, we nailed it with experts in our team and their immense knowledge and skills.


  • With our talented engineers, we managed to help clients improve the existing app. We developed dashboards for the client's team and users and provided the most suitable approach to enhance reporting options.

  • All of this enabled our client to render a top-notch customer experience and deliver them valuable content that aligns with their business objectives.


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