Big Data Solution For
IoT Pet Trackers

Big Data Solution for IoT Pet Trackers
Overview of Big Data Solution for IoT Pet Trackers


Big data refers to a collection of vast volumes of data, growing substantially every day. Big data applies to those datasets that can't be analyzed or processed using conventional processes. Next comes - IoT. IoT, aka Internet of Things, refers to connecting a gadget to the internet and other connected devices. Here, big data is combined with IoT solutions to help pet owners track their pets in real-time. For this, we created an incredible IoT mobile app solution for our client to enable pet owners to navigate their pets using IoT-based wearable trackers.

Client Requirement

Our US-based client owns a company operating in 18 states. He has immense experience in the field of telecommunications and, therefore, decided to develop a new mobile app solution that enables their users to supervise the location of their pets using a wearable tracker integrated into the app. With this unique solution, he approached HData Systems to build a robust, scalable, and secure mobile app to deliver pet owners real-time information about their pets.

Client Requirement of Big Data Solution for IoT Pet Trackers


  • Our client wanted a highly scalable solution; hence our efficient team delivered it using the Cloud and emphasized Apache Spark, MongoDB, and Apache Kafka.

  • Using the MQTT protocol, we could transmit live data about the pet's location and details, such as low battery, safe territory, etc. The MQTT protocol was used as it guarantees a friendly interface and saves smartphone battery life.

  • Using Apache Kafka, our team processed data in real-time and checked for data quality. Moreover, it also ensures push notification and secure data transfer.

  • Moreover, we recommended using MongoDB tech as it permits saving time-series events in one document.

  • Our team used RESTful services to separate UI from the data storage to guarantee scalability, reliability, and autonomy from the programming language or platform.


Our client wanted a big data system that would keep the users constantly updated about their pet's whereabouts, get real-time alerts, and avail the reports of their pet's presence.

They wanted a solution to facilitate media (photo, video, or audio) transfer to their users so that they could see their pets to see where they were at a specific time.

We had to build an easily scalable solution and process growing numbers of data as the client expected the user number to rise in the upcoming times.


Ultimately, our client got all he needed, which was a highly scalable, robust, and secure solution that allows processing more than 30k events/second from one million devices. Henceforth, users can locate their pets in real-time and receive videos, photos, and audio.

Users could also access automatically set weekly, hourly, and monthly reports, or if required, manually adjust the reporting period.



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