ERP solution for
mid-sized logistics firm realizes better cost controls

erp solution for logistics firm realizes better cost controls
overview of erp solution for logistics firms


ERP, also known as Enterprise Resource Planning, is responsible for smooth workflows that lead to the success of a business. It looks after human resources, accounting, stock and order management, CRM, and much more. Moreover, Logistics requires strong competency for maintaining massive volumes of real-time data, transportation, warehousing, storage, supply chain management, and maintenance activities. Speaking of which, ERP is a software tool to manage continuous changes, Automated cost fluctuations, and much more. HData Systems helped a mid-sized Logistics company implement the secure and robust ERP solutions in place to achieve better functionality, smooth workflows, and reduce costs effectively.

Client Requirement

Our client, who owns a mid-sized logistics and distribution company, wanted to incorporate robust ERP solutions for internal use. Earlier, they used a well-renowned ERP system to achieve real-time reporting and resource planning, which lacked the capability to grow as they expanded, so they decided to upgrade to reap the benefits of better functionality and features but weren't quite sure about where to begin. This is where HData Systems comes into the picture. They approached us with their problem, and we knew exactly what was required, so we came up with a step-wise solution to meet their requirements.

client requirement incorporate robust erp solutions


  • The client company wanted to adjust its operational reporting capability to rapid growth and outgrow its current system.

  • They wanted a more comprehensive solution to fit their complex business operations and needed an adept IT partner in understanding and setting up a system that can be tailored as per their needs.

  • Especially, they were experiencing performance issues with reporting, inventory management, budgeting, and sales processes. Since the old ERP solution was more focused on accounting and transactional reporting and failed to put up with their growing needs for overall ERP functionality, they wanted to use more integrated capabilities, which the old solution lacked to provide.


After comprehending our client's needs, we discovered our client challenges and status to understand the business challenges with their business processes to come up with a unique solution to fit the size and growth trajectory of the client business.

Therefore, we recommended SAP as the preferred platform as it would facilitate a more integrated ERP solution.

Our team implemented financial, accounting, sales, and inventory management modules. SAP-certified implementation team conducted the whole implementation process following the best practices.


After meeting all the client requirements and incorporating the best tools in place, there was incredible progress in the operational workflows.

Better internal controls and monitoring of the business as a whole led to increased accountability and reporting. This enabled the company to better compete in the industry.



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