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common mistakes to avoid while implementing business intelligence in companies

Common Mistakes To Avoid While Implementing Business Intelligence In Companies

The world of business intelligence, commonly as (BI), is applied in companies as a solution to the problems or possible unexpected errors that appear in the processes with the Digital Transformation. But implementing BI in a business cannot generate the expected r

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why data science created a huge impact on the business functions

Why Data Science Created A Huge Impact On The Business Functions?

Data science is a huge concept to deliver information. Most of the internet users might come across many ads on data science services and it might make you think that why this is getting too hotter? Most of the businesses are depending on the internet platforms and the data level is also getting increases a lot. Hence to maintain those requirements, approaching the automation is the best choice as it helps to re

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big data applications for digital marketing

Big Data Applications For Digital Marketing

Big Data and the applications of its techniques and tools to businesses are a necessity for many companies. In this article, we will learn about the main applications of Big Data to digital marketing and how they can help us to better understand our clients and offer personalized strategies. The real applications of Big Data  

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the common business intelligence myths that are not true

The Common Business Intelligence Myths That Are Not True

Data has become increasingly important in recent years, especially in the business area. But not every company is already equipped with the right strategies and tools in order to fully exploit the dormant potential of its business data. The reason is often doubts about the benefits

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how to take advantage of data without investing in big data

How To Take Advantage Of Data Without Investing In Big Data

The big data takes advantage of the computing power and analysis of machines for detecting patterns and valuable information. However, the truth is often in the details and can only be detected by direct human observation. This is the concept of small data. The small data allows us to reach important conclusions as those of the study by Kelton Global on Facebook Messenger, which revealed that 71

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strategies to drive digital transformation from data

Strategies To Drive Digital Transformation From Data

Today, the entire industry is under siege from the competition. This has been the catalyst for companies to adopt digital transformation, to cause a disruptive effect on existing business models, and remove intermediaries in customer relationships from their competitors. But what do we mean by "

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5 big data applications to revolutionize your company

5 Big Data Applications To Revolutionize Your Company

Big Data applications are the methods that we can use in our company to benefit from the immense amounts of data generated by our business, clients, and environment. In this article, we will review the main Big Data applications that allow us to innovate and transform the business of our company. Also, you will learn about the essentials od bid data analytics. Big Data applications: what

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combining big data and machine learning together for greater use

Combining Big Data And Machine Learning Together For Greater Use

Big Data Machine Learning is the application of machine learning to the large amounts of heterogeneous data that we have available for strategic decision-making, with minimal human supervision. This article explains what Machine Learning is applied to Big Data and how it is making a difference for those companies that t

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the most advantages of analyzing your data

The Most Advantages Of Analyzing Your Data

More than 1.7 billion bytes of information are generated per minute in the world, a quantity that is impossible to analyze manually. This is where the Big Data and Analysis Data hog the limelight. Through predictive analytics, data mining, and forecasting and optimization, companies are able to drive innovat

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big data and business intelligence to optimize business processes

Big Data And Business Intelligence To Optimize Business Processes

A successful email marketing campaign is based on a well-founded target group analysis. In order to get to know the wishes, interests, and needs of customers, companies rely on user data such as age and gender, but also consumer behavior, click behavior, and device use. This is where big data comes into play: The data generated by a company is now more extensive than ever and requires good structuring and evalua

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