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why do you think that data migration need important path

Why Do You Think That Data Migration Need Important Path?

Data is one of the important factors to be known. Improving the data with its function will deploy to improve the results. Many companies are used to focus and willing to track their records to improve their strategy. You might know that data size is getting increase day by day. Maintaining such data and its function requires a certain level of work. It may be to an

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what is big data potentials and benefits

What Is Big Data – Potentials And Benefits

Choosing the best place to open a new store or place an ATM, knowing what blog users read and how they do it, optimizing the use of a machine in an assembly line, improving the production of a centenary wine are all part of the Big data. In this article, we will analyze what it is, what is its true importance, and what potential it has for large and small companies.

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data analysis why it is becoming increasingly important for companies

Data Analysis - Why It Is Becoming Increasingly Important For Companies

Nowadays, the buzzwords data analytics, data science, and big data dominate the media - with good reason. With every transaction, booking, and use of services, we generate data that can now be used better than ever. Data analytics allows very large amounts of data from different sources to be combined, an

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industries that benefit from big data analytics

Industries That Benefit From Big Data Analytics

The reason behind the recent popularity and adoption of Big Data analysis by large corporations and SMEs is to gain competitive advantage and offer unique services for every client. However, many companies are still not clear what Big Data is all about and what advantages this analysis option has for their business model. Therefore, today we take a look at various industries that are already

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predictive analysis business intelligence software

Predictive Analytics: Why You Should Use Business Intelligence (BI) Software

In a context of technological and economic hyper-evolution, Business Intelligence - or BI - has gradually become one of the main challenges of our time. What are we talking about exactly? The management of the company is one of the issues that torment managers the most. How do you predict a bright future if you don't know where you are and where you are going? The vision of decision-maker

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factors that indicate that your business intelligence is obsolete

Factors That Indicate That Your Business Intelligence Is Obsolete

We live in the data age, and information management in companies has never been so important as an asset for improving competitiveness and performance. Information today is power, and Business Intelligence (BI) is already almost a kind of cornerstone with which to obtain greater results from

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predictive analysis what it is and how it can help your business

Predictive Analysis - What It Is And How It Can Help Your Business

Econsultancy and RedEye published a report on Predictive Analytics a couple of weeks ago, stating that 40% of companies already use predictive analysis. And 99% of the survey participants agree on the importance of this technique for the future of their businesses. "It's always g

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how big data is revolutionizing the insurance industry

How Big Data Is Revolutionizing The Insurance Industry

The digital revolution has impacted the professional world irrespective of the sector of the economy. The insurance world is no exception and is being transformed by the changes brought about by digital technology and by the increasing importance of Big Data. Thus, insurance companies must now use the appropriate tools to exploit the masses of data available. Among the treatment solutions, th

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business intelligence the key to the development of smes

Business Intelligence: The Key To The Development Of SMEs

Today, business intelligence or BI is available to small and medium enterprises. This is because it is a technology that, over time, has been automated to reach unsuspected levels; There are even dozens of cheap or free BI software alternatives. It has gone from requiring vast human and technological resources to develop it to be an upward trend that more and more people are familiar with it

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data science at the service of customer experience

Data Science At The Service Of The Customer Experience

For companies, Data science represents a central challenge in terms of improving their production and marketing strategy. Among the objectives that Data science pursues, we can cite the improvement of the customer experience. Indeed, the data obtained through Data science can be used to anticipate custome

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