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7 Indications Show You Are Born To Be A Data Scientist

7 indications show you are born to be a data scientist
Data science has become the "One of the most popular Jobs of the 21st Century" and one of the most thrilling job roles. You can make an impact at the business-wide level with the new technology & algorithms. How does a person know that he/she needs to engage in data science? What qualities should you look for in a data scientist? They might be fascinated in developing new tech, coding, and patient at debugging. For instance, a mathematics optimist knows he desires to become a mathematician due to his curiosity in mathematical concepts and talent for solving problems. What are the indications that define a data scientist, and one must introspect oneself to know if they can be a data scientist or not!
A data scientist's role is really essential to the entire organization and the economy as a whole. However, the problem is that there is a lack of adept data scientists worldwide. The AI & ML Blackbelt+ program focuses on making you an industry-ready licensed data science expert with over 14 courses, more than 39 real-life projects, and 1:1 mentorship sessions to keep you on track.
1) Love computations and always ready to solve riddles
2) Enjoy solving unorganized problems
3) You are eager – always asking, "Why?"
4) You have a talent for problem-solving
5) Love deep research
6) Love Storytelling – Awesome at presenting
7) Enjoy Experimenting
1. Love Computations And Always Ready To Solve Riddles
Suppose you love arithmetics and solving logical problems based on statistics, riddles, probability. In that case, the chances are that you have an innate tendency to become a data scientist or a business analyst. 'Love' doesn't mean computing the bill split amongst your buddies precisely, but the insanity that reaches another level—for instance, guessing the no. of girls in India that are under 18 years. This is known as guess estimate & data science interviewers like asking these questions.
2. Enjoy Solving Unorganized Problems
enjoy solving unorganized problems
Unorganized problems are omnipresent. In an EdTech company, the management might ask how we raise the sales on our courses? While in a social media company, the question might be - how do we boost user retention on our mobile app? Do you observe something wrong with such questions? Well, these are unorganized problems!
An essential aspect of being a data scientist is the skill to form well-defined goals. An organized approach to the above questions can retain 20% more users through slide-down features in another three months. The objective must represent - How? Why? What?
Next time if you find yourself amid a problem and you find yourself disintegrating the issues into smaller goals, this might be a great starting sign to become a data scientist.
3. You Are Eager – Always Asking, "Why?"
Do you find yourself questioning others' assumptions? Are you unable to end your day without asking 'Why this? Why that? Why this but not that?' You might have inherent qualities to become a data scientist. For instance, in the above example, you might wish to question the management and ask why we want to retain users? Can we retain only the paying users? Why target retention instead of customer acquisition?
Some top data scientists would stop anyone and ask for a rationale if they aren't clear - why did you ask this question? What was your thought process? Why do you presume so? are only some instances of these questions.
4. You Have A Talent For Problem-solving
The easiest indication that tells you are a future data scientist is the habit of solving problems. The fridge isn't working. You try to recognize the root cause of the problem. Your company's sales declined last quarter; you try to figure out the reduced sales' root cause.
Data scientist's role isn't just to implement machine learning algorithms to develop a precise model, but it is also to form a problem statement, data analysis, data model, form a hypothesis, and later finding the best outcomes and communicating to the management. Each step needs talent for problem-solving.
5. Love Deep Research
A data scientist requires to sit on one problem statement for a long time, going back and forth to the investors to understand their needs, trying out a unique hypothesis, data modeling techniques, and data mining until the outcomes have been attained.
Are you somebody who finds oneself not giving up until the issue has been resolved? Googling and studying, and researching on a single platform. When was the last time you invested hours & hours immersed in solving an issue? Can you do that repeatedly?
6. Love Storytelling – Awesome At Presenting
There is always someone in the room to tell fantastic stories. No one can resist listening to them, and they impress everyone with their storytelling skills. Are you also that individual?
A data scientist needs to be fantastic at telling stories. What's the use of all the hard work if they are unable to influence their investors? Communicating with data and presenting stories backed by data is one of the most crucial elements in the data scientist's life.
7. Enjoy Experimenting
enjoy experimenting
Do you find yourself doing trials and errors at any time in the day? A part of being a data scientist is to be eager.
What is the top transportation mode to the office? If you find traffic at the X traffic signal, what is your estimated arrival time (ETA)? What if you travel halfway through the bus and later take a metro at the signal where you find traffic 90 percent of the time? These issues seem trivial, but a huge part of your life will be filled with experiments.
If you enjoy experimenting and playing with eagerness in your everyday life, being a data scientist will be a fun job.
The Bottom Line
Becoming a data scientist is one of the most interesting things. Could you relate to the points mentioned above? You will probably enjoy being a data scientist and do some fantastic work in this field. The AI & ML Blackbelt+ program focuses on nourishing your talent as a data scientist and making you an industry-ready expert.

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