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5 Best Data Migration Tools for 2022

5 best data migration tools for 2022
Any small or even big business has tons of data that helps the businesses to move forward towards success. But at least once any business needs to transform the data from one location to another or from one format to another. This data transforming process is known as data migration and it involves everything starting from integrating the data, preparing, transforming, and extracting the data.
So, now you know how important it chooses the right data migration tool. A data migration tool should be able to integrate your data correctly with minimal errors and even on time. You will find tons of data migration tools open source but you should be careful while choosing the one. Because one wrong step and this whole Data migration process can sink your business down. So, we have listed the top 5 most reliable and trusted data migration tools.

1) AWS

As we know AWS is just everywhere including the data migration sector as well. Amazon Web Services have various tools that are working with data in the cloud. The most famous tools of AWS for data migration are the AWS pipeline and AWS glue. As the name suggests AWS pipeline helps the users with the data transferring process whereas AWS glue focuses on the ETL (extract, transform, load) process helping users to move data from sources to analytics destinations.

Key Takeaway of AWS:

  • Transformations: 
AWS supports SQL command-based preload data transformation. Users can use AWS Command Line Interface (CLI) in JSON format to create the data pipeline graphically through a console. If you do not want to use CLI, AWS also allows users to call APIs that allows them to create the pipeline programmatically.
  • Support and Training: 
One of the best things about AWS is, it provides full support and training through its knowledge base and a ticketing system. Users can also refer to their data migration documentation or digital training materials to solve their doubts. Along with that, users can also get a chat or phone support as and when needed.
  • Connectors: 
Even though AWS does not support any SaaS-based data sources as of now, it supports four types of Data Nodes as destinations and sources namely DynamoDB, SQL, S3 locations, Redshift tables.

AWS Pricing

AWS does not offer any particular pricing plans. It offers pricing plans according to the preconditions and activities of users and whether they want to run data migration on AWS or on-premises.

2) IBM Informix

Users can relocate the data from one system to another hassle-free through the IBM Informix data migration tool. Informix works based on SQL commands. Informix is known to transform the SQL, NoSQL, or JSON, and time series and spatial data seamlessly. Users can save up the hardware and software maintenance costs and speed up the data migration process by employing IBM Informix's hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Key Takeaway of IBM Informix

  • Real-time Analytics: 
IBM Informix reduces the transactional data workload by providing real-time data analytics services that result in quicker data transfer.
  • Quick Transactions: 
IBM Informix offers high-availability data replication (HADR), remote secondary standby database servers, and shared-disk secondary servers that help users to speed up data migration.
  • Data Management: 
Users can get hassle-free data management through smart triggers for event processing and push notifications.

IBM Informix Pricing

IBM Informix offers two different plans with different RAM, Storage, and network capabilities. The small plan can cost around USD 1,250.00/Instance and the large plan can cost around USD 4,000.00/Instance.

3) Hevo Data

Hevo Data smoothen out and automates the association-wide data streams for teams guaranteeing faster designing, analytics, reporting and decision making. This no-code data pipeline data migration tool offers higher quality data-driven decision-making with clean, advanced, integrated and unified data from numerous data silos to the users.

Key Takeaway of Hevo Data:

  • Real-time Data Integration
Users can get the analysis-ready data as and when needed due to Hevo Data's real-time data integration.
  • Reliable Infrastructure:
Hevo Data offers built-in integration with various trustable sources and resources that helps users to build reliable data infrastructure.
  • Fully Automated
As mentioned above Hevo has no code data pipeline it offers a really effortless setup and is easy to maintain the data infrastructure.

Hevo Data Pricing: 

Hevo data offers events based pricing plans. The starter plan cost nothing. The second plan can cost $149 for 10 million events. The third plan can cost $999 for 300 million events. Along with that, it allows users to go for customized plans based on their required events.

4) Fivetran

Fivetran allows users to copy various data from applications, warehouses, files and events into cloud-based warehouses through a speedy and brilliant method. Fivetran transforms all information sources into standardized outlines prepared for automatic querying. Fivetran connectors deploy the data within specific time intervals of minutes consequently adopting source changes demanding no maintenance allowing users to focus on producing insights rather than just the engineering.

Key Takeaway of Fivetran:

  • dbt core Transformation 
Users can do various stuff on their own such as load data, brief dbt models, check on data pipelines to change information from their Fivetran accounts.
  • Quick Conversion 
Users can quickly transform new information into dependable reporting through Fivetran pre-built models.
  • Fully Updated Automation
Fivetran offers unaffectedly and constantly updated pipelines through fully managed connectors.

Fivetran Pricing:

Fivetran offers various plans. The start plan can cost $1 per credit. The Enterprise plan can cost $2 per credit. users can drop an inquiry for custom plans. Users can take a 14 days free trial for enterprise plans.

5) Xplenty

An ETL solution, Xplenty upholds numerous SaaS applications and services that clients can access with an intuitive no-code interface. Xplenty offers data migration services with various databases, data warehouses and cloud data sources without demanding any maintenance and support.

Key Takeaway of Xplenty:

  • Data Automation
Users can get every one of the perplexing transformations on their tips to automate the data mappings and constructions with the help of 200 plus prebuilt data transformation of Xplenty.
  • Security
Xplenty provides Field-level encryption to protect the streaming data. It protects company data throughout the data relocation process.
  • 24/7 Support: 
The global users of Xplenty can get end to end 24/7 support. Users can also get video call support.

Xplenty Pricing

Xplenty does not offer any fixed plans. The costing will be based on the connectors users need rather than the volume or complexity of the data. Users can register themselves for a 7 days free trial.


These popular Data Migration Tools are widely used among users. Apart from that, there are various other free data migration tools available in the market that you can use as per your business requirements. If you are not an expert in using data migration tools in salesforce, reach out to HData Systems experts. No matter what services you need, data migration tools in oracle or even data migration tools in azure, we have got you covered for each and every data migration need of yours.

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