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Artificial Intelligence In Smartphones: What Benefits Can We Expect?

artificial intelligence in smartphones: what benefits can we expect
One of the trends that we can expect for the next few years is the adoption of functionalities that include Artificial Intelligence (AI). In the coming years, the use of the cameras of our smartphones will not only be for photographs but also to interact with our environment. So, the company made it known thanks to its development in this technology, who presented the new implementations and developments in this field.
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
It is one of the technological developments that have been most widely deployed in recent years, having a particularly consolidated presence in our mobile devices. According to the international consultancy Gartner, approximately 80% of mobile devices will be equipped with some type of AI by 2022.
In this line, one of the main data science companies that participate in the development of technologies for the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI), organized a workshop by international experts and discussed on how to revolutionize the way in which we interact with various devices starting with our smartphones.
AI trends in the coming years
During the exhibition, one of the highlights was the presentation of APU (Artificial Intelligence Processing Unit) processors, designed to perform the most complex functions of Artificial Intelligence while maintaining efficiency in response and low battery consumption in the devices. Integrated into different ranges of MediaTek chipsets (eg, Helio P60, P22), they provide a new level of performance for AI applications on different devices.
The Artificial Intelligence Neuron
the artificial intelligence neuron
Neuro Pilot: MediaTek has been working on a development ecosystem for Artificial Intelligence, making use of its APU processing unit which functions as a "Neuron," which allows different functionalities to be executed. Neuro Pilot allows developers to use the different software development tools available on the market and combine it with the execution of tasks on the device through the APU, to get the most out of the device hardware, providing better responses in time and performance for different applications. On this technology, different applications are projected on smartphones for the coming years.
AI functionalities
FACE ID: One of the functions with a greater range of implementation is facial recognition, thanks to new recognition algorithms implemented in Smartphones, we can find a new level of security in which we will not only use PINS to access specialized applications (example: Banking), but we can incorporate another type of biometric recognition as a 3D face, which will allow our Smartphones to keep our information more secure and less vulnerable to external hackers.
Smart album: It will change the way we interact with our Image or Video Album. Thanks to AI technologies, content searches will change, since smartphones will be able to understand specific instructions, for example, the search for actions such as: "images of people running," or images of specific elements: "fruits" with total precision. It allows recognizing any parameter, making the user experience much more flexible.
ai functionalities
Smart Cameras: Our smartphones can use artificial intelligence algorithms to adapt the capture of photographs to the environment, following and photographing specific objectives, implementing facial beautification functions in real-time, and allowing the experience to take photographs much easier and more adaptable.
Smart cameras 2.0: One of the trends in the coming years is the use of our smartphones' cameras not only to take pictures but to interact with our surroundings. The camera will be able to recognize different elements around us, and thanks to the use of technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), it will identify and suggest different contents. Thus, the next time we are shopping at the supermarket, it can show us reviews of a product or suggest a promotional price.
Targeting: The new AI algorithms will allow our devices to learn daily from the habits of their user, interpreting their behavior and tastes. In this way, our smartphones will adapt better to our way of use, allowing us to extend the battery life, optimizing resources such as memory, and, most importantly, taking the user experience to another level.
Are you ready to welcome these artificial intelligence applications?
It is important that we understand the importance that artificial intelligence has in digital marketing since more than being a trend or something that is becoming fashionable, it will soon become a necessity to remain competitive in such a changing environment like the current one.
Artificial intelligence applied to digital marketing is still in a growth phase. This means that its effectiveness and efficiency will increase as time goes by, so if there is a good time to start incorporating it, it is now.
But more than doing it for a matter of permanence in the market, it is important that, instead of perceiving artificial intelligence as an enemy that comes to replace certain human functions, we see it as an ally that will allow us to be more productive by simplifying the burden of work, save time in repetitive and monotonous activities, and focus on those issues where only our ingenuity and human creativity can give the best results.

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