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How is Big Data Analytics Important To Boost Products Sales

How is Big Data Analytics Important To Boost Products Sales

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The great importance of Big Data Analytics
How does Big Data Analysis work?
Big Data operation processes
Analyse the data and make decisions to sell more


Big Data Analytics is the process where an exhaustive study is carried out on the information contained in the data. The purpose is to try to discover any kind of hidden patterns, relationships, trends in the commercial market, user behaviour and customer preference.
This whole process is incredibly complex, because most of this data is difficult to analyse. However, all this has a purpose, and it is to help companies make relevant decisions when carrying out new campaigns, product launches and launching new innovative projects.
This technology has become very popular in the business world, due to the results thrown at large organizations, they are simply impressive. In many cases, analysing data such as the consumption behaviour pattern of your customers, can serve to strengthen their bond with the company, and even to make them acquire new products.

The Great Importance of Big Data Analytics

The implementation of Big Data for the optimization of sales processes and Digital Marketing in a company, is of vital importance to guarantee the success of the campaigns. In order to use the technology, it is necessary to make a complete analysis of all the information collected.
The analysis of Big Data is done through a set of digital software to help generate good results for your company. Some of the main advantages of Big Data Analytics are:
  • It can increase your income.
  • It makes the Marketing process much more efficient, especially the Digital one.
  • It allows you to improve your customer service.
  • Increase the effectiveness of the operation of both your staff and your automated systems.
  • Increase your advantages over the competition.
  • Data analysis software allows specialists to carry out a complete study of large volumes of information.
For companies that have websites and other digital portals, Big Data analytics works very well to start generating traffic and click revenue. In most cases, it is possible to conduct a study on:
  • Click streams.
  • Registration of servers, domains and hosts on the internet.
  • Content and trends in Social Networks.
  • Email Marketing.
  • Customer responses to Email campaigns.
  • Telephone records.
  • Mobile data and much more.

How Does Big Data Analysis Work?

The Big Data Analytics is very useful in helping companies to maximize profits and optimize their sales processes. By simply interpreting the collected data, highly effective new strategies can be created to achieve all objectives.
The simple act of analysing digital data may sound a bit complicated, but the truth is it is not. Although it does take a bit of work, the interpretation of the information is not as complex as it seems. 
To begin the information data analysis process, it is necessary to have tools that serve as a landing strip and preparation area for the data. These are the popular Hadoop and NoSQL systems. Before loading the data, they need to be prepared so that at the time of analysis they are easier to interpret.
When performing data analysis, it is more convenient to take a structure that allows the analyst to carry out a simpler process. The best practice is to use the lake concept used in Hadoop. This works as an incoming flow of all those data that have not been processed, in order to facilitate their grouping.
These structures are known as architectures and the advantage of implementing this technique is that they can be analyzed directly in a Hadoop cluster to facilitate processing. You can also use any other engine such as the popular Spark.

Big Data Operation Processes

1. Data storage

Data storage should be a solid process and carried out through structured management. All the information that is stored in HDFS, must be organized, divided and configured correctly. All this in order to obtain more favourable results when analysing the information.

2. Data analysis

After the data is prepared to be loaded, and finally stored in a digital bank, that is when the information analysis process begins. To carry out this step, it is necessary to have a program that allows you to analyse the data, there are lots of software so choosing one will not be a problem.
  • Data mining: allows you to examine a specific set of data in search of patterns and correlations between the information.
  • Prediction analysis: they allow to build a model that is used to make a forecast about the behaviour of customers.
  • Taking advantage of digital resources: the use of algorithms allows the analysis of large volumes of data, allowing more accurate data to be thrown.
  • Comprehensive learning: allows you to get to know all the data, relevant information on a larger scale and increase the capabilities of digital parameter analysis.

Analyse The Data and Make Decisions to Sell More

Knowing the consumption habits of your customers, their particular interests and other information will allow you to implement precise actions in your business to sell more or achieve whatever your business objective is, creating increasingly personalized experiences that generate greater interest and make your consumers return for plus.
  • Data analysis takes you one step further in your relationship with your customers, allowing you to:
  • Analyze trends and predict actions to create product strategies.
  • Identify the profile of your best clients to offer them relevant services.
  • Create strategies to increase sales and effective loyalty programs.
  • Stop making decisions from intuition or emotion.
  • Focus on the products or services with the highest return.
  • Know the value of the average purchase of your consumers.
  • Generate attractive marketing actions according to demand.
  • Reduce assumptions about customer consumption habits.
  • Have information in real time that allows timely action.
  • Monitor the performance of your business in certain periods of time.


Using Big Data Analytics in your company can be essential for taking new paths that lead to success. If what you are looking for is to reach more audiences, increase your sales, automate your processes and achieve successful campaigns and launches then this is the best way to do it. With the analysis of the digital data collected, you will be able to work more easily on your future processes and projects. You should meet with us at HData Systems today.

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