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Big Data: How To Take Advantage Of Social Networks?

big data how to take advantage of social networks
Although the concept of Big Data is not new, it is now taking on a whole new dimension with the rise of the Internet and in particular of e-commerce. Indeed, the data generated on the web, for the most part via social networks, contributes significantly to fueling Big Data, which is a real gold mine for marketing and commercial services, among others.
Nowadays, the amount of data collected on the web has never been so exponential. Thus, the data that is stored increases almost four times faster than the world economy. Data generated for the most part by social networks, starting with Facebook which alone generates more than 700 terabytes of data per day. So even if it means storing this data, you might as well consider it to take advantage of it. 
Indeed, correctly analyzed, all this data proves to be particularly useful for companies, which can thus orient their digital, commercial and marketing strategy, accordingly.
It is thus customary to define Big Data by taking into account three criteria:
• Data synchronization speed;
• The exponential data volume;
• The variety of data stored.
Big data can take different forms: photos, comments, opinions, publications, reactions, etc. But then, how do you exploit them in the context of social networks?
The exploitation of Big Data through social media
the exploitation of big data through social media
One of the problems with Big Data is that not all data can be used as it is. Indeed, if structured data, that is to say with an organized logic, is more easily understandable, unstructured data (photos, texts, videos), is much more difficult. However, these data are really interesting, since they make it possible to determine the personality and the preferences of an Internet user. Social networks therefore allow companies to know what a person likes or hates. Analyzing Social Big Data in depth therefore allows marketing and sales departments to target the right Internet users, at the most appropriate time, with a truly personalized offer.
Social Big Data: improve your customer relationship and reach new prospects
One of the major advantages of Big Data, coupled with Social Media, is that it allows a brand to significantly improve the relationship it has with its customers. The reason is simple: the brand in question can really know its consumers. Data from social networks will also allow companies to find new prospects. On Facebook in particular, properly configured advertising campaigns can then reach potential consumers, likely to be genuinely interested in the products or services of a company. With the right targeting options and thanks to appropriate advertising formats (similar audiences, personalized audiences), brands are able to reach Internet users who have the same interests as their subscribers on social networks.
Companies can also, with Social Big Data, gain in- depth knowledge of their customers. Social networks provide a wealth of information on each user: behavioral data, demographic and geographic data, etc. In this way, brands can refine the identification of their customers, as well as people potentially interested in their products or services. By categorizing these customers, it also becomes possible to assign an order of importance to these people, according to their profile. Social Big Data therefore allows companies to segment their customers according to several criteria: commitment, loyalty, buying habits, influence, etc.
Deploy a more effective digital strategy thanks to social networks
deploy a more effective digital strategy thanks to social networks
The data concerning the actions of a company are just as important as those concerning their customers. It is indeed essential, for any company, to measure and analyze the statistical impact of their publications and their social media campaigns currently underway. So, it is imperative to consider metrics such as reach, engagement, impressions and click-through rates. Metrics that allow companies to adjust their digital strategy accordingly. Big Data also allows a brand, beyond promoting the effectiveness of its digital strategy, to collect information about itself. Social networks therefore allow measuring both the notoriety and the reputation of a company.
Customer knowledge from Social Big Data is really essential for any business wishing to prosper. The data generated by social networks and analyzed by a data science company makes it possible to respond in a truly appropriate manner to customer expectations, while offering them products and services adapted to their needs. Thanks to targeted advertising campaigns, delivered at the right time, companies can respond directly to their customers' expectations, reach new prospects and generate higher customer satisfaction rates.
It is therefore, nowadays, particularly important to include Big Data in a digital strategy on social networks. To do this correctly, it is essential to be able to identify the most relevant data, but also to use it appropriately. It is thus necessary to see beyond the data themselves, by taking the time to analyze them to understand them in depth, without which companies cannot really take advantage of Big Data on their social networks. By performing relevant analyzes, companies will have the opportunity to reach prospects and generate committed, loyal and influential customers.

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