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Data Science Is Struggling To Combat Global Warming

data science is struggling to combat global warming
For those working in the technological field, it is not difficult to understand what data science has offered us in business or personal use. It is a life-altering phenomenon that is touching every aspect of our lives. However, the potential of data isn’t only about making things more user-friendly, or businesses more productive, or customers more gratified with the purchasing power. It has a drastic effect on how we tackle a broad range of world challenges that humans face in a competitive and polluted environment.
And people, climate change is not a hoax; it is super real.
Not just experts in different fields, scientists also agree to the fact that it’s already late, and humans are just getting serious about this problem. With humans comes politics, and with politics comes finance.
This is why there will be a breakthrough towards research in the Energy field, and Data science is going to play a tremendous role in fighting the battle. Searching new patterns in the data is a logical way to acquire robust solutions for our energy-greedy world.
Battling Climate change with Data Science
battling climate change with data science
Climate change research shows us how data science helps experts make this world a better place to live. A latest study by NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS) renders an in-depth look at how vast amounts of information can be leveraged and examined to obtain feasible solutions to the danger of climate change.
According to the resorts, climate science displays a big data domain that is encountering unusual growth. The difficulty dwells in better comprehending the conclusions of these massive datasets and establishing the correct arithmetical resources to construct and render helpful applications.
For example, the study says, there’s a requirement to render effective sources for publishing wide-scale scientific data gathering and executing scientific analysis based on vast amounts of data, quickly and productively. Data science is responsible for altering massive experimental data into meaningful scientific information, through which businesses can deliver authentic solutions to battle climate change.
A latest Forbes article summarizes additional ways that data science is offering pragmatic solutions to the climate change problem. For instance, businesses can eliminate their carbon footprints by using sensors in their environment to keep track of CO2 emissions. They can use IoT sensors to examine the wastage and energy usage. They can observe raw and unorganized data to make actionable intelligence in sustainable resources such as wind turbines.
Data Science for more Energy-Efficient World!
The time when 100% of produced energy comes from sustainable sources is not near, unfortunately. We need to mend the gap of our transition to pure energy with productive ways to use raw power.
However, why are data scientists interested in energy efficiency?
Looking at data and searching patterns can drastically help in looking for various creative solutions in each field, including energy efficiency.
Better Climate Data Science Due to Swift Growth in AI
Latest data science has been boosted by the development of Artificial Intelligence & machine learning technologies. AI is more proficient than humans when it comes to finding patterns in vast amounts of data at a high velocity. Data scientists can then utilize this to help ascertain feasible solutions to many ordinary issues.
As per IDC, investments in analytics and AI in 2020 is anticipated to reach $185 billion, with a 12% CAGR through 2024. As a matter of fact, machine learning and AI are so well-known in the data science space that the terms are practically equivalent to data science. As per Indeed, machine learning and AI consisted in the job description of 75% of data science jobs. For the time being, demand for employees with AI skills has beyond doubled in the past three years.
Data scientist enthusiasts are progressively searching for AI tools and software languages like Python (the most well-known language for machine learning and AI) to master their skills and contain the top jobs. Python is a significant prerequisite to comprehend the critical data science processes like visualization, exploration, data wrangling, and hypothesis building and testing.
Data Science Companies Use AI to Safeguard the Environment
Gramener, the data science company, has deployed machine learning to help receive estimates of the no. of penguin colonies throughout Antarctica by observing photos clicked by camera traps. Due to climate change, the size of the penguin colonies in Antarctica has declined dramatically in the last ten years. To help conservation groups and experts examine picture data of Antarctic penguins, Gramener deployed convolutional neural networks to purify the data. And once the information is clean, it was employed via Microsoft’s data science virtual machine. The model created by Gramener uses penguin density in the clicked photos to achieve estimates of the penguin population quickly and more accurately. The data science company used the same strategy to estimate salmon populations in different rivers.
Machine learning computations can also get utilized to assume the damage caused by severe weather events like tropical cyclones and thunderstorms. For example, an IT company IBM has engendered the latest high-resolution atmospheric prediction model supposed to track prospective harmful weather events.
A company from Gurugram, India, Blue Sky Analytics, also utilizes machine learning algorithms to safeguard the environment. An application created by this company is used to supervise industrial emissions and air quality. Data is collected and examined via satellite data and detectors at ground level.
Data Science in Upcoming Times
data science in upcoming times
To completely use data science power, the experts need to make extensive research data platforms and meticulous methodologies. Data science methods should be created and verified, and be available and duplicable, to display a clear path for other researchers to put in their approaches to large-scale questions.
Government should enable access to their records that measure:
Intermediary levels of air contamination from satellites
Ground air contamination levels from the US Environmental Protection Mobile app agency observing systems
Climate factors
Financial information
Well-being from administration databases and electronic clinical records
Investors and philanthropists should invest in data science to combat climate change
With technological advancements, companies like Dominici are positive that they can utilize data science and technology to transform the global problem of global warming.
Data science companies can collectively put their efforts to fight the global problem of climate change and save the planet.

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