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Data Science: How It Will Revolutionize The Fitness Industry

Data Science: How It Will Revolutionize The Fitness Industry
The aspect of Data Science in the Fitness Industry is remarkable. The industry has shaped well after adopting Data Science. If we talk about the health and fitness industry, it is booming and changing lifestyles into healthy lifestyles, habits, fitness, and much more. 
The evolution in increase is because of the rise of unstructured data sets- which provide valuable insights to transform business entirely.
For several reasons, advanced fitness analytics solutions that help analyze and adequately handle enormous customer data collections have grown an essential part of every business strategy. 
Big Data Analytics leverages data from fitness equipment, social media platforms, wearable devices, customer feedback, research, and more. The data helps to bring crucial improvement in business. However, the question is how Data Science in the Fitness industry started and what makes it revolutionary.
Personalizing training
Data Science helps to give personalized training or workout. The extraction of actionable insight data presents the users and their fitness cycles. Here, IoT devices help to keep on track of the activities of the individuals. It collects data and leverages the data to provide personalization. They observe every tiny detail like how much time they spent on the workout, how often people work out, the activities they do while working out, what time and when, and many more. Even on a health note, it notices the heart rate, calories burned, and many more. 
The data help gym trainers, fitness experts, app developers, and others to know about the current fitness situations. They follow the progress of individuals and compare them to achieve goals. They can tailor their nutrition and exercise so that the person accomplishes the coveted results as intended. The fitness data traced in real-time, allow experts to point out the mistakes and enhance the routine.
Contribution of data in the fitness industry
In the above point, we saw that the data gives a personalized experience to the users; however, the data has more to contribute. It also helps to calculate fitness globally, present real-time activities, the fundamental fitness movements, and many more. To track individuals can only be possible with Big Data. The Big Data Analytics created from these sources can be used by industries for more reliable decision-making. 
Developing Lifestyles in Food Diet
One of the essential parts of fitness is food and nutrition. Fitness cannot be measured without intake. Technology and Data Science in fitness helps to track the consumption of food of individuals. It can help understand the food eaten by a person daily. The amount of quantity, what type of food consumed, on what time they take breakfast, lunch, dinner, and many other factors are considered while calculating for Data Science.
The calories are also counted with the technology and suggest how much is needed and how much should be avoided. With Data Science, a perfect diet plan can also be created, as data shows the efficient result. Another benefit is that the experts can see or keep track of whether the consumer is following their recommended diet or skipping it. It helps them to change their diet, or create new fitness goals. Even they show the time- the users should consume their food, so no complications occur later.
Wearables Devices/Apps to Track Fitness 
As technology has made everything smoother, it saves and presents precise outcomes. Several companies produce wearable devices or apps, keeping in mind fitness goals. The wearable devices give data of fitness or activity achieved by the person. It can be a watch connected with smartphones or a mobile application that helps to obtain valuable data. Later, Data Science provides more insights to the consumers and their doctors or experts. 
Big Data Analytics collects the data and provides service to the consumer accordingly. It helps them to grow, develop their fitness routines, and necessary changes to make. It would be fair to say that it is one of the best innovations contributions to the fitness industry. You can share the data with another third party for the process and progress. It adds value to accomplish the fitness goal; by data, it can obtain multiple opportunities. According to Idtechex, wearable technology will reach $70 billion by 2025; it was $20 billion in 2015.
Increase of Smart Training 
Another advantage of data science in the fitness industry is that it increases training to be more energetic. The technology and Big Data Analytics give the experts to act smartly as it provides activity in real-time. The types of equipment are trained splendidly so that it becomes easy and smoother to track the daily fitness routine. Even there are clothes with in-built sensors; it helps to collect data and receive the most out of the workout habits.
It completely differs from wearable devices or apps, as the clothes help to recognize the detailed electrical pulses that decrease muscle activity in a method. The valuable data flow may then be applied to make specific modifications to workout routines in real-time. The process has already been applied by famous professions. It is also one of the reasons why Data Science brought a revolution in the fitness industry.
The Future of Data Science in the Fitness Industry
There is no doubt that there is a brilliant future of Data Science in the fitness industry. New supplements, types of equipment, food lifestyles, and many more will improve the performance and habits of humans. From professional athletes to gym freaks, everyone has multiple benefits by adopting Data Science and Big Data Analytics. It helps to understand the health of humans even better and supports response to training and wellness.
For the consumer or companies- it is beneficial for everyone, and in the upcoming future, it will create and add more value to it. The data-driven companies will gain an advantage in the fitness industry and can give more accurate solutions. The concentration will make more healthy lifestyles with Big Data.
Wrapping Up
The data understands every benefit and pain point- which eventually integrated analytics performance of fitness habits. The potential for improvement in Data Science in the fitness industry is high. The valuable insight will change the future and bring more evolution to the fitness industry.
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