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Future Is Unpredictable But How AI Can Be A Part Of It?

future is unpredictable but how ai can be a part of it
The future is not in the human hand but the present is in the human hand. This seems to be like a philosophy but it is true. If the human is respecting the time for their work then their future might be a favor to them. It is known that each generation is reaching or meeting with an advanced option to work, right from computers till now as mobile phones. Each generation is facing various changes in their routines. Among such changes, AI is also included. AI is abbreviated as Artificial Intelligence. It is one of the most searched terms on the internet. Even many companies and education institutes are used to offer courses to learn and train such as Microsoft, IBM, etc. Most of them are saying that AI gonna change the future. This blog will help the learners to know whether it is true or not.
Companies Prefer ChatBots as Virtual Assistance
Chatbot is a widely approached part of the company to increase its communication engagement. Even a few  top data science companies have started their journey to include chatbots. Integrating chatbots is a big advantage as it helps the company to increase their conversation in terms of development links and also help to provide necessary sales. The reader must know that communication is a necessary part of business and reaching with clients’ needs proper and 24/7 time. This can achieve by using the AI-based application called chatbot. Chatbots used neural network techniques to develop such an app. Many top app development companies are used to develop such an app with interactive features. Having such a feature in the application will help the business effectively. In the future, most of the company will start to integrate the chatbot to increase the conversation model.
Recommendation-based Services
recommendation-based services
It is well-known that most of the people prefer online mode to purchase some products or to gain services and also it is known that in the future, most of the sales and service mode will be in online preference. To support such activity, few tech-based companies have started to develop an algorithm in terms of recommendation favor. It means, if a person is using any e-commerce websites to use, then he-she will be analyzed by the site in terms of behavior analysis and such behavior analysis will help to pretend the sales action easily by just grabbing their behavior and recommending according to it. The best example is Netflix. Netflix is a popular platform for viewing the films but it is also noticed that the film recommendation depends on the behavior of the user. It is completely based on the AI features. In the future, most of the online platforms will try to use the AI as their requirement for the business.
Prevent Medical Errors
Not everything is perfect and cannot be 100% too. Being human mistake is common and through such mistake, even possible routed can define to reach huge success but few fields must be conscious to handle. The best example of such a field is medical. Medical is a required one to handle with care and proper attention because a small mistake can lead to create a huge disaster. Hence to avoid such a disaster, handling with AI will be a better option as it helps to acknowledge the error placing by the symptoms. In many cases, initial symptoms will help the situation to predict before it gets worse. Thus to avoid a big disaster, handling AI is the best option. Still, in cases like gathering the data and developing suitable analysis can approach the data analysis under AI methods. It offers a benefit for the user.
Intelligent Network Security
Cybersecurity is getting demand day by day and improving the option to secure the business is getting tough but to manage such solution handling technology is a better solution. In the future, blockchain and AI will be effective to secure the network and data. AI helps the system to get a track with necessary routes and help to restrict the unwanted links and sites as malware practices. Many companies are used to make assure that network security help to engage a lot by avoiding the malware threatening.
Supply Chain Encounters the Demand
Demand is the major drawback for the supply chain. Many manufacturing companies are used to meet with many obstacles especially in terms of demand. To reduce such effects, using data analysis is a better option. Many manufacturing companies are used to focus on their data with analysis and tracking system. It benefits the company in terms of reducing the demand and improving the business. Such usage is needed for the future as the population is increasing thus the requirement of product and service will increases. To help such demand, using the proper data tracking and analysis method will help the business effectively.
Share market Analysis
share market analysis
Share market is a place to earn but most of them might lose due to the careless and unpredictable data calculation. In the future, the share market will be a great business for investors due to the usage of AI. AI helps the situation to analyze the product listings with necessary deals and routes to handle the work. Many investors will be happy from such news as it to benefit a lot for the investors and increase their earnings without too much of mind investment.
Hotel Receptionist
Travel is a required thing in every life and while such a journey, it is important to deal with the hotel. Many websites are available to handle such searching in terms of hotel selection. In the future, many hotels will make sure to handle AI-based robots to manage their customers. Already in China, Alibaba group has implemented such features for their customers. It is getting interactive and also successful in terms of business as it void wages for the workers and also effective in terms of work caliber. Such changes can bring an impact on the hotel and some other industries.
Final Words
The future is unpredictable but technology helps to improve the situation effectively than human beings and AI will be a part of it. I hope the above words will be helpful for the readers.

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