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How Instagram Leverage Artificial Intelligence and Big Data?

How Instagram Leverage Artificial Intelligence and Big Data?
Instagram is the fastest-growing social media network platform with nearly 1 billion active users everyday. In a short span of time, Instagram has gained a lot of buzz and made its way to the top social media network. However, how did Instagram become so famous in a short period?
Earlier, Instagram used to post videos and photos, and now it has become more than that; for instance, now you can run a business on social media. The new features like reel, IGTV, 24 hours stories, and others have obtained user engagement. In a decade, it has ranked the 4th most downloaded app on social media. 
Instagram is known for its innovation and advanced features which keep users engaging. The reason why Instagram is popular is because of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data technology. The Article is all about that and today, we will see how Instagram applies AI and Big Data technology. The Algorithm of Instagram is different from the others, and Artificial Intelligence helps to gain insights from the algorithms. 
Following are the points on how Artificial Intelligence and Big Data plays a significant role in Instagram:

1. Simplify Human behavior and element
Understanding human behavior, nature, and habits is not an easy task. It consumes a lot of time to observe, research, and the list goes on. But Artificial Intelligence and Big Data make it work in minutes for us, as they give you insight in a short period. Even you can research better by embracing AI and Big Data technology. 
Big Data supports you to reach your target audience and offer valuable and relevant information. It will offer you lots of data; thus, you need to interpret it to take actionable insights. You can concentrate on your targeted audience and enhance your content accordingly. Whereas; AI helps to understand the consumer behavior and culture and tailor your product-related content to interest your target audience.
2. Exclude spam 
No one likes when an unnecessary post or message comes on their feed on Instagram. Everyone wants to see what they like and follow; here, Artificial Intelligence comes to the rescue for such actions. Because technology helps social media to identify fake messages and get rid of fake accounts. It enables blocking spam messages and inappropriate accounts. Instagram runs in several languages such as English, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, and many more so, it became easy to detect spam. 
Artificial Intelligence and DeepText read the message and decide whether the content and context are appropriate or not for the users. Thus, whenever such context appears, the technology automatically removes it. The algorithms are the same for everyone, but the present message or context is different for all.
3. Emphasize Advertising 
As we mentioned earlier, Instagram is not just a platform for photos and video; but gradually turning into a business platform. However, it is not merely that; it blends photos, videos, likes, comments, shares, business, influence, shopping, and many others. Therefore, one platform has multiple usages, and it helps to promote. Targeting Advertising has become sleek on Instagram by users showing interest in products and brands. 
The information gathered by Big Data from Instagram is beneficial for the business and assists in gaining valuable insights. The user engagement also increases with an advertisement; it reaches out to possibilities that manifest interest in their marketing communications. Moreover, AI shows what your users like, what they follow about their interests, and much more to obtain the understanding of the users. The targeted advertising is based on these factors. Social media marketing and email marketing are some of the primary advantages you can gain from target advertising. 
4. Explore and Search Function
One of the most used features of Instagram is exploration and search. People search for what they like, accounts, and learn about more new similar interest accounts on exploring. With this function, you will get to know about trending tags, information, content, and more. Artificial Intelligence and Big Data gather all data across the world and list out the most used data and activity known as Instagram trends. The technology also allows search tools, support tagging by posting images by hundreds of users. 
Hence, you learn a lot from this content, and it is all because of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. If we use it in the right and appropriate manner, technologies can be pretty helpful for Instagram. 
5. Tackling Offensive and Bullying Content
Social Media has become a ground of bullying, bashing, and offensive content. People do not think twice before posting, and it leads to cyberbullying on social media platforms. According to a survey, 42% of youth experienced cyberbullying on Instagram, 37% on Facebook, and 31% on Snapchat. The statistics themselves show how cyberbully has increased globally, but Instagram has found the solution for it by using Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.
Instagram uses Big Data to know about offensive and inappropriate content. The algorithm has been set in a design that whenever such context or content appears, Instagram eliminates it from the platform. Whenever such an incident occurs, Instagram gets a notification and takes appropriate action. 
Now, Instagram has created a much better place that the bullying on the platform has reduced. Big Data Analytics are helping to take action and improving the user experience by not dealing with the bashing. 
6. Personalization and Ranking System
Social media users show what they like and according to their preference and choice. After understanding customer behavior and culture, Instagram uses Artificial Intelligence to make feed personalize for them. The users will be shown their interest or possible interest post and stories. It will help both users and the platform to connect, engage, and context more.
As per the quality content, Data Analytics selects the best and puts it into the ranking system. Instagram uses Big Data to follow the ranking system and update about the latest trends, systems, and more. The ranking keeps on fluctuating, so to maintain the algorithms users need to keep posting quality and relevant content.
Wrapping Up
Using Artificial Intelligence and Big Data is generously helpful for Instagram. The social media network emerges, improves, boosts, and gains more active users because of applying Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to the platform.
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