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How is Google Search Implementing Artificial Intelligence?

how is google search implementing artificial intelligence
Every one of us knows what Google is. And you might have found this blog with the help of Google only. And we are really overwhelmed by how accurate google results are. An inseparable part of our lives, Google search, is actually a search engine that most of us do not even know about. 
There are various search engines such as yahoo, bing, and Ask.com that exist that we don't even know about or never use as we are so habituated with Google.com. One of the things that make us hooked to google is that we think Google knows everything. It does not even let us finish the sentence and come up with the queries that we were about to search. That happens because Google uses AI. Nothing new to know, right? Well, there is. Do you know how Google uses artificial intelligence? We do know this happens. So, read along to know more about it. 

Overview Of AI Used in Google Search

Search Rankings

The most common usage of AI in google is to rank the results you have searched for. No matter what you search for, google ranks the various results containing web pages, zero results, maps, videos and even images as well. What do you think? Is it just something random? Nope, Google relies on AI to rank those results accurately. According to reports, Not only Google, but Youtube was the most searched word in the year 2021 worldwide. This AI technology contains various factors such as type of queries, keywords of your queries, how optimized the resulting websites are and various others. Google reflects the results of the top 10 queries on the first page containing various ads, organic results, maps and so on, considering all these factors.
No matter how much you try to understand how Google does that, no one knows how exactly this AI algorithm works. Various companies out there provide search engine optimization services that can help the companies to rank better on the Google search engine. 

Understanding of Human Language

Most of us feel that Google knows us more than anyone else. You don't even have to complete the whole sentence, and google reflects the few options about what you might want to search. For example, try searching Youtube, and I am sure you won't even have to type the whole word to get accurate results. 
This happens because Google understands the human language. Not literally, of course, but yes, it understands what you are asking for. Google uses NPL (Natural language Processing) to know what you are searching for and reflects the results based on that only. The NPL is a collection of AI and ML algorithms that reflects the results considering various aspects such as previous search queries of the users, the context of the search queries and various other factors that makes Google understand the human language and provide results that reflect the accurate results according to search queries of the users.

The Google Algorithm

When someone mentions Google Algorithms, most people filter it down to google searches and results. Well, they are not entirely wrong, though. But Google's algorithm includes complex AI-powered algorithms that affect google searches and results. The effects of the google algorithm such as core web vital, panda, penguin, mobile-friendly and various others affect the results positively as well as negatively. 
Google releases guides about what a certain google algorithm is going to bring. The benefits of artificial intelligence help these algorithms try to bring more accurate results for the users. Even though it's complex to understand the working of Google algorithms, it provides the most useful results to the search engine and the highest quality result possible, both in content and in on-site experience.


RankBrain is the hidden charm of Google. RankBrain AI-empowered function assists Google to reflect the topic results accurately based on your search queries. Along with that, it also learns by itself to find out what you are actually searching from based on all your past search queries and determines the accuracy of the results.


Bidirectional Encoder Representation from Transformers (BERT) is the most amazing usage of the AI for google search. BERT is something that helps Google to understand what the users are trying to search, focusing on the entire sentence rather than capturing the words only. 
Google understood that sometimes the meaning of the whole sentence could be different from the words that we use in the search queries. So, Google rolled out an update called BERT in the year 2019 that helps Google to better understand search meaning and intent based on the usage of AI.
For example, let's see if someone searching for "LA to Lasvegas" reflects the ways to travel from LA to Lasvegas or the distance of LA to Lasvegas understanding the context of the sentence. Before the introduction of BERT, google might have ignored the word "To" reflecting the information about LA and Lasvegas, considering the words rather than the whole search query. BERT is a combination of AI, NLP, NLU ( natural language understanding) and sentiment analysis to understand the relations of all the words and reflect the accurate results for your search query.


These are just some of the ways that we can define how google search uses AI to reflect the results. Google is as vast as the AI concept. The combination of both of these is unimaginably complex. It is not just google. No matter which industry you belong to, Artificial intelligence can do wonders for you. It can help you enhance your business workings and help you to generate more ROI as well. So, you can leave it up to the data science services provider company in the USA, India, Canada and UAE to work accurately for your project requirements. They have experts who understand the complexity of the data and AI as well.

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