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Importance of Artificial Intelligence in Transportation

importance of artificial intelligence in transportation
The world has realized the importance of artificial intelligence over the years. It is now being applied in almost each and every field that one can even think about. Most of the data science providers have concluded that AI has helped to ease their tasks tremendously. 
One of the prime reasons is automation in the refining of data that is sent to them. It has also helped in predictive analytics services which help with the detection of mishaps before they occur. These are some of the advantages which make artificial intelligence the choice of almost all top business owners. 
Another major advantage of artificial intelligence is that it helps with the reduction of errors in the task while increasing its accuracy. This is highly beneficial in the tasks that need to be absolutely accurate like implementing machine learning models and helping them evolve under supervised and non-supervised learning methods. 
According to the research conducted by International Finance Corporation, the artificial intelligence sector earned about $13M this year until now. More than 3.5M of which comes from the transportation industry which employs the technology in various ways. In this article, we will try to make you understand the need to AI in transportation. So without further ado, let us get into it.

Why Do We Need Artificial Intelligence in Transportation?

There are many ways in which AI is being used in the transportation industry. The importance of AI is far superior to what one could think of. They are mostly used in the automotive and streamline industries that deal with the transportation and logistics of the goods that need to be shipped. AI makes their work easy by helping them in the organization and management of data. The practical ways in which AI is being used are given in the list below. It is as follows:

1) Supply Chain Management And Logistics

One of the most beneficial sectors of transportation that uses artificial intelligence is the logistics and supply chain management field. It can be tough to keep the track of the flow of data. Apart from the storage part, the reuse and recollection of the data like the shipment date and the arrival date play a huge role in the eCommerce business which depend on them but now with the help of AI, all these processes are being tracked as to when the product will be developed, when it will be packed and when it will be dispatched. 

2) Big Data For Transport

One of the best examples of artificial intelligence implementation is big data analysis. When one collects big data, it has no flow or recollection method. But, with the help of AI, one can easily sort out the relevant data and then arrange it according to the need of the client which can be recollected for later use as well. For example, many companies use it to keep the track of the size and quantity of the package as there are certain packages that need to be handled with extra care. 

3) IoT In Transport 

IoT stands for the internet of things. It is basically a system of various sizes of devices that are connected together in wireless or non-wireless format to attain a specific goal and allow sharing of data. This is extremely helpful as the data can now be shared without any physical disturbances which would delay the process of displacement of the parcel that needs to be delivered to the customer before the due time. It is not only used in the tracking of the package but also in finding out who it was packed by and when, this becomes handy in case some mishap happens. This is the importance of artificial intelligence.

4) Analyzing The Route Of The Shipment

We all know how difficult it can be to track the traffic and get delayed by it. This happens more often these days and artificial intelligence can help resolve the issue by informing which routes are jams and which are empty. By avoiding the heavy traffic routes the driver can save a lot of time and also help deliver the packages within the given time slots. This helps to save the goodwill of the company and enhance the user experience 

5) Workforce Enhancement 

We all know how difficult it is to handle a team, let alone a company. In order to track the management of work that is handled by each driver, packer, and mover, artificial intelligence is being used. This ensures that no one is over or under-working and there is no precedence in the work. It also helps to keep track of how many leave the employee has taken and the late times that he has punched in.  In certain cases, it also helps to analyze the productivity of the employees that are part of the company or of the team at that given instance.

6) Reducing The Cost

Cost reduction has become a major concern of companies in every field including the transportation sector. This has become the major reason for the lay offs that are taking place in many companies these days. To avoid any of these issues from occurring, companies are planning to employ various artificial intelligence methods that help reduce the cost of operation and labor. Plus one also can cut down on the employee benefits like the insurance that will be provided. This is the importance of artificial intelligence, it saves time, effort, and money for an organization.
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Automation has become a part of each and every industry in recent years. This includes the transportation industry which has benefited from artificial intelligence in many ways. One of the most important ones is automation and the reduction of the labor cost that they would need to pay. Along with this, they are now able to keep a track of the supply chain management and estimate within what time the parcel will be packed, discharged, and delivered. Also, it is helping to save time on the delivery of goods by avoiding heavy traffic areas in the city. This is the importance of artificial intelligence.

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