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Why Artificial Intelligence Is Key For Your Business?

Why Artificial Intelligence Is Key For Your Business?
The world is changing and one of the biggest drivers of these transformations is technology. Technological advances are present in various fields, such as business. In this sense, artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the clearest trends in today's companies. 
Artificial intelligence in the business world
These are some of the most outstanding applications of artificial intelligence:
• Process automation
The application of artificial intelligence in companies can help, among other things, to automate processes. Through the use of smart machines, many tasks that were previously performed manually and routinely can now be scheduled and completed in less time and with fewer resources. The most positive thing is that artificial intelligence can be applied in varied processes. For example, robots can be inserted into the assembly line of a car company, and a smartphone manufacturing process can also be streamlined.
• Analysis of data
There is no doubt that we live in the age of data. At the height of big data, companies work with large amounts of data from which they can obtain very interesting information. To do this, some organizations use computer systems that manage, order, and analyze unstructured data.
• Human team support
One of the most widespread beliefs is that artificial intelligence is harmful or invasive to human workers. However, artificial intelligence systems can help employees and support them in some tasks. After a study and analysis of the environment, AI teams can provide workers with valuable information. An example is in direct dealings with clients. The robots analyze different aspects of customers and establish profiles to later make recommendations and proposals to human managers based on the previous context.
• Customer Support
In the e-commerce sector, companies that integrate a chatbot on their website are increasingly common. In this way, they offer a complete virtual assistance service in real time. Much of the efforts of some companies is focused on perfecting their digital customer service tools. The idea is to make them more effective and, above all, to promote a more direct and personal deal with the client.
Advantages of using artificial intelligence
There is no doubt that companies no longer operate as they did years ago. The incorporation of artificial intelligence in the workflow of various organizations is proof of this. But, what benefits can this bet bring? 
• Saving time  
One of the main applications of AI in the business environment is the automation of processes. This leads to a clear saving of time, which also translates into a reduction in costs. With less effort, we can get our company to cover more activities, speed up its work rhythm and, above all, progress on the path towards achieving its objectives.
• More innovation
Precisely derived from the time savings that the use of AI systems supposes, companies have more time and economic resources to dedicate them to other tasks such as innovation. Thus, an ecosystem is proposed in which virtual machines or employees are dedicated to the most monotonous tasks while the human team focuses on the most creative area, taking care of the gestation of ideas, commercial contact activities, etc.
• Learning from mistakes
Thanks to machine learning (the ability of machines to learn and apprehend situations in their environment and experience), computer systems record errors and make sure they do not repeat them in future processes. In short, they devise the fastest and most efficient strategies according to each task and goal set.
Companies that bet on artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence is present in some of the most powerful companies in the world. They use it for purposes as diverse as improving the user experience, perfecting their products and offering good after-sales service. These are some practical examples:
The multinational led by Tim Cook has one of the most popular artificial intelligence products on the market. Siri is a voice assistant included in the iPhone and some iPad. Siri's main functions are to answer user questions, perform actions on their request, and make recommendations. It does this by using speech recognition and natural language processing tools.
The social network with the most unique users in the world has its own artificial intelligence research laboratory. And its commitment to this technological trend is very strong. Its objective is to use AI to offer the user a much more personalized experience. Some of its most important artificial intelligence actions are facial recognition in image tagging, interactive maps on population density and Internet access in the world, or the Facebook app that uses neural networks and AI to describe the content of images to blind users.
Artificial intelligence is also present in the strategy of Tesla, the company founded by Elon Musk. And the car company is working on a fleet of fully autonomous vehicles. The introduction of autonomous driving is an issue that still generates much debate, so corporations like Tesla are investing a lot in research to ensure optimal safety conditions.

One of the latest bets of the giant, Google for artificial intelligence has materialized in the investment in a news agency written by robots. However, the idea of this agency is not that robots act as substitutes or competitors for journalists, but as one more resource for them. It is an interesting project to say the least, since it shows how robots are not only present in the most mechanical tasks, but also in more intellectual and creative professions.
Artificial intelligence, a future that is already present
Artificial intelligence has been the protagonist of many science fiction films, but today, it is already a reality. Currently, it is present in sectors as diverse as medical, educational and business. However, there is still some suspicion and even fear, due to how it can affect human beings. If you consider integrating artificial intelligence into your business processes to optimize your resources, you should contact us at HData Systems.
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