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Why Put Data At The Heart Of Your Marketing Strategy

why put data at the heart of your marketing strategy
Data has long been present in our society, one of the main levers of marketing. Acquire more prospects, engage customers, make profitable investments: what are the advantages of data for your business performance?
Develop consumer knowledge
Data offer key information on the behavior of your customers, their tastes, their preferences or their paths. Still need to know which data sources to collect? How to obtain the consent of your consumers? Where should they be stored and how can they be constantly cleaned and enriched? And above all, how to remove all silos to achieve a unified vision?
Data will allow you to get to know your clients on the fingertips and then offer them offers and services in line with their expectations and preferences. Better yet, by using prediction algorithms, you will be able to anticipate their needs and enrich your value proposition. A step ahead that will make you competitive with all your competitors!
Streamline the experience and enhance your customer relationship
streamline the experience and enhance your customer relationship
Sending the right message at the right time and through the right channel is the basis of a solid and lasting individualized relationship. Drowned in a continuous stream of ads and offers, consumers are fond of this approach for the simple reason that they are awaiting consideration from brands; and to show customers that you know them is to show that you are interested in them.
This individualized relationship, made possible thanks to better customer knowledge, is crucial because beyond the offers and messages, it is also the journey that will be personalized, fluid and seamless. Whether it goes directly to the store, to the brand's website or social networks, the customer wants and must be recognized at all points of contact. With an in-depth analysis of your data, you will therefore be able to deliver engaging and profitable experiences to each of your consumers.
But that's not all. By performing customer segmentation, you be able to reward each customer at its fair value. No more rewards on the fly that lower your profitability at the end of the year. Here, you reward your customers according to their level of commitment and relationship that you have with each of them.
Finally, this relational strategy will be part of a virtuous circle since, depending on the benefits of each marketing action, you will learn key lessons and know precisely what to capitalize on and what are the levers to optimize.
Accelerate commercial performance
To ensure a seamless experience and hope to attract new prospects or close more sales, it is also important to share this customer knowledge. From actors in sales to after-sales service, through customer service, each employee and each service must have precise and in-depth knowledge of consumers and their journeys! What are they buying? At what frequency? What route are they taking? On which channels? Have they experienced an incident with one of the company's departments? Beyond guaranteeing a unified and complete vision of customers, this sharing will allow each actor in the company to offer the right message or service at the right time.
Data is also a fantastic lever for analyzing business activity and is used to identify potential leads. We will thus be able to distinguish each individual according to their level of interest, their attitude and their needs. It then remains to adopt the right approach strategy based on the data you have collected in order to generate sales.
Enhance and personalize your communication
enhance and personalize your communication
Long gone are the days when mass content was distributed to all of your CRM. With the intelligence of customer data, it is now possible to personalize each content, each distribution to benefit from a better impact and increase the conversion rate.
We all agree that receiving a poorly targeted email is harmful for the brand image; all the more so in a context of over-solicitation!
By analyzing customer behavior, and even anticipating it, we then become able to broadcast the right message at the right time, on the preferred channel of our client / prospect and at an appropriate frequency. An approach that is bearing fruit in terms of customer engagement and acquisition because the purchasing journey is now complex, multiple and obliges brands to converse with their audiences at the right time and with the right offer.
In addition to dissemination, data is also an excellent creative and editorial insight for imagining engaging concepts through contextualized and automated campaigns.
If the exploitation and analysis of data must be fully anchored in your marketing and commercial strategy, data remains a means at the service of a strategy defined and deployed within a customer-centric organization. You should contact a top data science company to take advantage of these benefits.

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