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How AI Is Making Differences in Online Food Delivery Systems?

Online deliveries have not been limited just to food items, all thanks to the global pandemic. But even so, if we consider all the other industries, the food delivery industry alone will beat all the other industries. The food delivery system is not a new concept but the usage of Artificial Intelligence has given a sudden enhancement to leveraging the food delivery mobile applications to order the food and enjoy them wit

  • 5 min read

How to Use AI in Mobile Applications in 2022

One thing that helps various mobile applications like Spotify, Airbnb, Siri and millions of other applications to win over their users' hearts by providing a customized user experience is just one thing and that is Artificial Intelligence.    Even though it seems like just a mere concept that one survives without utilizing it yet the implemen

  • 5 min read

Azure DevOps Is New VSTS

So, you guys probably know what VSTS and What Azure DevOps are, as you are in this article. I suppose you have a little idea about that. No? Let me tell you in short what is VSTS and What is Azure DevOps?  What is VSTS? VSTS (Visual Studio Team Services) was a cloud-hosted extension that was run by Microsoft and assisted development teams with special tools and services.

  • 4 min read

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essential application and use of machine learning

Essential Application And Use Of Machine Learning

“Machine learning is a field of artificial intelligence. It uses statistical techniques to give computers the ability to learn from data without being explicitly programmed.”This definition comes from Arthur Samuel, the inventor of the term and one of the pioneers in the field of artificial intelligence.  

  • 4 min read
machine learning vs deep learning what are their differences

Machine Learning VS Deep Learning: What Are Their Differences?

Artificial Intelligence is a particularly broad area of research. Used in the medical, digital and industrial fields, this technology offers numerous development opportunities. Based on an artificial system, this technology aims to recreate an intelligence system similar to that of the human brain; so as to carry out certain complex tasks even inaccessible for Men. This area of research is di

  • 4 min read
top 7 changes gonna hit the manufacturing industries by the machine learning

Top 7 Changes Gonna Hit The Manufacturing Industries By The Machine Learning

The manufacturing industry is the backbone of the country hence improving the industry mechanism can help the country to increase its economy rate easily. Many companies are used to adopt various options and features to develop their mechanism view and currently few countries have started to make sure on the adoption of machine learning. The readers have known that machine learning is a process of the system that deals w

  • 5 min read
advantages of machine learning and deep learning for the evolution of artificial vision

Advantages Of Machine Learning And Deep Learning For The Evolution Of Artificial Vision

It is from the 1960s that industrial automation began to be talked about, as a way of using technology to train a machine to do tasks by itself, simulating what would be a process and human intelligence.   Basically, the challenge of t

  • 5 min read
can machine learning increase the vulnerability for existing job

Can Machine Learning Increase The Vulnerability For Existing Job?

Companies have started to work with a different approach that makes them develop the performance with less effort. Various technology options are used to develop for the system update such as IoT, AI, blockchain, etc. Among such technologies, machine learning is a popular method that comes under AI. It helps the system to get automate and work according to the pattern that is designed. The ma

  • 5 min read
how machine learning can satisfy the process of industrial approach

How Machine Learning Can Satisfy The Process Of Industrial Approach?

Machine learning is a method that comes under the data science field that enables certain methods to extract knowledge under process and it is a popular term in many countries among various industries to work and deliver profits for the business. The main motto to enable the data science field is to increase the work exposure and decrease human needs in terms of thinking. To manage such activ

  • 5 min read
can machine learning method help the data effectively for work

Can Machine Learning Method Help The Data Effectively For Work?

Machine learning is a method in data analysis and can also say that it is aligned with AI. AI is a technology getting buzzed by many industries and it is used to predict and automate certain works with the help of machine learning undergoing a certain process.   Dev

  • 5 min read
how the profession will be processed in the future due to the machine learning

How The Profession Will Be Processed In The Future Due To The Machine Learning?

Machine learning is a popular process in AI technology. Many companies in the society are used to hire machine learning developers to improve their work by automating the process and decrease the availability of human resources. The demand for machine learning engineers is increasing due to the requ

  • 5 min read

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