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How can we use Machine Learning in the Finance Industry?

How can we use Machine Learning in the Finance Industry?
Machine learning is one of the best contributions advanced technology has given to society. It has several uses and can be effective in many ways. A sector like Finance has transformed drastically by embracing Machine learning into their system. The technology allows analyzing the data beyond the traditional finance work.
Machine learning is a part of artificial intelligence that produces models that learn and forecast results with limited to no standard coding. Several factors like preventing fraud, enhancing user experience, improving strategies, and many more can apply in banking with the adoption of Machine learning. Machine learning in the finance sector is helpful and powerful. 
Machine Learning helps to find valuable insights and generate a meaningful database. The technology provides precise results and information. It helps to solve complex problems- which earlier were challenging to solve by the finance and banking sector.
According to a survey by Deloitte Insights, 70% of financial services have already adopted machine learning to predict events of cash flow, fraud detection, and fine-tune credit scores. Hence, it explains the impact machine learning has on financial services. 
The machine learning algorithms are designed in such a way that it learns from data, learning techniques and processes which can be applied to discover various meaningful insights.
Following are the top use cases of machine learning in Finance:
1) Enhance Portfolio management
One of the top use cases of machine learning in financial service is portfolio management. It is an online wealth management service that practices statistical points of the issue and automatizes algorithms that help to optimize the cooperation of client assets. By this, the concerns of clients decrease as it accomplishes their financial goals. 
The technology has an in-built system- where it has a robot advisor who advises about the asset, saving money, a current asset of investment, financial crunches, and many more. Portfolio management includes planning and managing chosen investments that follow long-term financial goals. It decreases risk management and provides accurate outcomes. With the help of portfolio management, you receive valuable information by which you can make an important decision and work more aptly.
2) Protected Transactions
One of the essential factors of machine learning is that they prevent fraud and secure the transactions occurring in the financial sector.The efficiency which machine learning can do, humans cannot as it is impossible for them. Moreover, it lessens the number of false dismissals and helps develop the accuracy of real-time support. These models have frequently been made on the client’s performance on the internet and purchase history. 
It has helped to prevent several crimes in history, and one of these reasons; financial institutes are adopting machine learning. The technology is not just useful for preventing fraud but also helps to identify the real issue after the crime is being committed. Machine learning provides the data- which detects the roots of the problems. Credit card scams are ahead on the list. 
If some crime is being committed, it will be notified as financial institutions have a system, where they monitor prior data payments systems. The technology has enormous datasets that have validation, algorithm training, and others based on credit card transactions. Any suspicious transactions can be detected easily because of it.
3) Credit Scoring 
Machine learning increases financial credit scoring. To approve and decline a loan is a long procedure. However, machine learning has made it easier and simpler. The technology empowers to grant loans with less risk and solve loan issues with more efficiency. Machine learning provides real-time credit scores and helps businesses to decide several determinations quicker and even accept loan applications automatically.
The use cases of machine learning are to provide accurate credit scoring. It saves time, money, and risk. The process requires large amounts of customers data, and dedicated algorithms have been acquired to make moderately reliable forecasts. It helps the bank to know whether the customer will return the money or not. And if not, all databases will be provided to find the solutions for it. 
4) Algorithmic trading
To function in a bank requires a lot of things, and one mistake can cost you a failure. But with the adoption of algorithmic trading in machine learning in finance has made it easier for everyone. Like others, it will help make better trading decisions, and the model will help monitor the outcome. Every event can occur in real-time, and identifying the patterns that can drive stock prices will go up or down. Machine Learning can then perform proactively to trade, operate, or purchase stocks as per the predictions given by Machine Learning.
Machine learning algorithms can analyze thousands of data sources simultaneously, something that human traders cannot possibly achieve.
Machine learning algorithms improve human traders and remove a slim advantage over the market average. And, given the enormous volumes of trading operations, that little power often turns into vital interests.
5) Customer Retention
Like every other business, customers matter the most in the company. The bank or institution also needed it. Therefore, they use machine learning to automate and quicken the support process. With machine learning’s worth searching into petabytes of data to obtain precisely what matters to a particular client, financial institutions can profit from implementing personalized support and offers. 
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have a lot to contribute in the financial service and sector. One of them is the chatbots. It helps the customers to solve any query in a quick time and provide valid results. It was created in the favor of customers who like to have agile and manageable services from financial institutes. Advanced technologies like data science and big data analytics also help them. The customer-oriented technology provides small and big databases which are efficient to provide the best services. 
Wrapping Up
The use cases show how Machine Learning is profitable to the finance sector. The technology has many more contributions and we are sure in the upcoming future, the scenario of the financial service sector would be completely different because of Machine Learning. It will give you an accurate solution and increase profit.
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