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Cab Booking Prediction by using Machine Learning Algorithms

cab booking prediction by using machine learning algorithm
Machine Learning is part of the development field that helps to determine what kind of output one might receive when a particular set of data is analyzed. It is widely used in mobile app development for various things. One of them is helping to increase the sales of the company using the prediction method using NLP. 
So you might be asking, where else is ML being used in recent years? The answer is everywhere. When you go shopping on an eCommerce app or even a cab booking app, the task, and the accuracy are maintained through automation and trained models. Companies have been hiring app developers in order to make the apps better as the days go by. 
Booking can be an exceptionally complicated business. In this process, you deal with real-time data which is a difficult process to handle for many app development companies. There are various inputs that you have to build the trust of the customer on and this can get a bit complicated.
Private information like the name, contacts, and location can feel intrusive. It also puts you at risk and if you any case mistrack this data or lose it to unwanted third parties you might get in trouble. 

Why choose machine learning algorithms for mobile app development?

There are various advantages of using machine learning in mobile app development. The list given below indicates the best ones. They are as follows:

1) Automated Replies

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning can help app development compies to develop functions that have targeted algorithms that know how to respond when a particular set of data is passed as input. This helps to save computational and processing time making the response duration short. This also helps to cut down the communication channel between the user and the app development company. 

2) Translation services

After globalization has hit the modern world, translating languages, sentences, and even texts has become extremely important in order to bridge the communication gap.
App development companies have already realized this and are deploying their services to help develop apps that translate languages. This is being done through various NLP methods that help to analyze the text and speech patterns and come up with a logical and viable output. The accuracy of these models depends on the amount of data that is being fed to this system. The more you train the model, the better it will work.

3) Face Recognition 

As we all know face recognition is being used almost everywhere these days. From highly secured military systems as well as normal offices. This is one of the security applications of mobile app development where face recognition can help to unlock devices or apps that are present on the device.
Machine learning helps to ease the implementation of the model under the supervised data category. It helps to understand where the product can go wrong and how accurate the results that are formulated might be. This is one of the best advantages of using machine learning within your code.

How to approach Cab Booking prediction using machine learning?

When it comes to imitating machine learning algorithms in your code, there is a process to approach this method. This makes the process easier to handle. The list below gives the detailed steps. It is as follows:

1) Data Sets

During mobile app development, the data that you collect plays a big part in determining how well the ML algorithm will perform. The data that you collect online is usually scattered and not completely accurate for the model. This can result in the termination of the algorithm. To prevent this from happening, you need data that is filtered.
You can use a number of data cleaning methods that you can use to obtain the best results. After this has been done the next approach of the app development company should be on focusing on how the data is being stored so it can be retrieved for later use. 

2) Genration of Hypothesis

The hypothesis is essentially a scientific guess that you take before implementing the collected and filtered data. You need to make sure that you take care of this process before starting with the mobile app development phase. There are some key factors that will affect the hooking of taxis even in peak times.
Some of these include the distance of the trip, the traveling time, the day and date of the travel, the location for the pickup and drop, and the variability of the drivers for the customer. If you are able to figure these things out, all the other things will start to fall in place correctly. Since the app will be based on real-time data, it is your reusability to prevent it from crashing under a circumstance where a wrong input has been received. This is the prime concern.

3) Segregation and Exploration of data

The next step is to segregate the data and clean it for redundant values. If there are any factors that seem to affect the accuracy of the model, the best practice is to eliminate them. The factors that are disused in the previous model are the basis of how you will segregate the data.
Depending upon the fare amount you need to come up with an algorithm that helps to determine all the options that are available to the customer, based on the location of the customer you can target the app drivers in that vicinity for the variable ride. This is done in the mobile app development phase.
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Machine learning and artificial intelligence play a big part in the automation of the entire world. Machine learning is a method of approaching mobile app development where you can assure that the real-time queries of the customer can be handled through a predefined algorithm. There are many ways of approaching can booking prediction using ML algorithms as well. To ensure that the algorism has an accurate prediction rate you must ensure that the data that you have collected is accurate and has been cleaned properly so that the model is trained correctly.

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