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5 Tips On How to Recover From a Cyber Attack

how to recover from a cyber attack
With the evaluation of the technologies, cybercrimes like data theft, cyber-attack and so on have been increasing more than ever. Various industries around the globe have faced various cyberattacks and have faced the loss of millions of dollars along with tons of private data.
If we just talk about the last year, according to the stats, compared to the year 2020, the rate of cybercrime has increased to 31% in the year 2021. Cisco has predicted that the cost of cybercrime will cross $10.5 billion by 2025.
These attacks not only affect the organizations financially but damages the brand image too as the effect will cost the loss of millions of public and private data as well. 
Everyone around us focuses on how we should prevent these attacks or find what was at the fault. But among these questions, there is another question that we ignore the most. The question is, how should we recover from this cyberattack.
The damage is done but what to do next? Here in this blog, we are going to talk about the next steps we should take after getting hit by a cyber attack.

How to Recover From A Cyber Attack?

1) Damage Identification

Many organizations out there do not bother to identify what damage the cyber attack has done to their data. They just move ahead with the recovery phase and get lost in between as they have no idea how deep that cyber-attack has affected their system.
So, before moving on with anything else, you should first start to identify the data damage. Your IT team can help you over here. You can ask your IT team to form an accurate and effective plan to determine that can help you get the actual facts and figures about the cyber attack.
You should get all the details such as when it happened, how much data it has affected, whether it will affect your customers and suppliers or not, who are the victims, what type of attack it was and so on. It will help you with the process of how you can recover the data and what resources you will need.

2) Inform The Government

No matter how big or small your organization can be, or how big or small your audience base is, if you think your organization is under cyber attack, you should inform your local government as soon as possible.
They can help you track down the attacker even if they can not help you stop the attack or find the attacker, you can not be blamed for the data leak as you have fulfilled your duty.
Along with that, you should meet up with your PR team and release the official statement according to the attack informing your supplier and customers about the attack.
It will let your audience base be informed about the data leak. Along with that, you should also form different and advanced cyber security policies that can prevent such incidents in the future.

3) Introduce Advanced Technologies

You know you are done, once your system got affected by a cyber attack but you will be doomed if you continue using the same system.
Once a damaged system stays damaged forever. If you think you have recovered what more can happen? Your old system got affected by a cyberattack because there was a loophole that you missed and that one missed loophole gave a window to the hacker to affect your system.
So you should reach out to the cyber security provider company that can provide a system equipped with more secure and advanced technologies that can provide next-level security to your system.
If needed, a cybersecurity service provider company can help you integrate 3rd party security tools and products to seal your system security level.

4) Integration Validation

What will you do with the remaining unaffected data? Will you deploy them directly to your new system? No, right? You should validate the remaining data, and check the backup before deploying them to the new system.
You should also get the complete backup of the system data on the cloud as well as on different devices. It will prevent you from complete data loss as you will back up data available for further use that will be up-to-date and unaffected from the attack.
Even though the backup is unaffected, you should check the backup manually for the damage. Cyber security provider companies can help you validate the data integrity accurately.

5) Enhance Security Measures

Even though your company is the victim of the cyber attack, your suppliers, customers, providers and every other person related to your business will demand the rights, assurance, commitment and various other things from you along with the legal compliances.
So, make sure to deliver the right and precise solution to the situation. Along with that, enhance your data security level.
Ask your employees to use strong passwords, and change the passwords regularly. If needed, conduct the session to educate your employees about how to keep the data secure and what to do to prevent any kind of cyber attacks in the future.
Introduce two-factor authentication to access critical data that can minimize the chances of cyberattacks in the future.


According to the report, small businesses have always been the top victims of cyberattacks. And 99% of the cyber attacks happen because of a single human error. So, if you think you are safe from any type of cyber attack, you are simply in contradiction. Even if you think you are just a small business, if you use any kind of system to store the data you should reach out to the Cybersecurity service provider company just to be safe from any future cyber-attack. 
If you are considering reaching out to a cyber security service provider company, HData Systems can be one of the perfect choices. The team of HData Systems have years of experience and expertise that can help any type and size of global business from any kind of cyber attack.


Q. What Are 3 Things You Should Do After A Cybersecurity Attack?

The top 3 things to consider after a cyber attack should be containing a cyber security breach after that you should assess the security breach and at the last, you should develop a Data Breach Notification response plan.

Q. How Long Does It Take To Recover From A Cyber Attack?

The cyber security recovery time depends on various factors but approx cyber security recovery time can be around 2 to 4 weeks. You should reach out to the cybersecurity service provider company after the attack to know the exact recovery time.

Q. How Long Does A Ransomware Attack Last?

The estimated average downtime due to a ransomware attack is 21 days.
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