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The Future Of The Higher Education : Big Data, Cybersecurity And The Metaverse

the future of the higher education by hdata systems
In this fast-growing world, you can not predict what is going to happen even tomorrow. A new Technology can be born, A new planet can be explored, and Maybe Aliens can come to the earth too. It’s completely unpredictable, right? 
Let’s focus on the born of new technology. In recent years the higher education has leaped and gone only offline to Online-Offline education system. Like before the pandemic who would have thought that this could happen? Not just an ordinary online option, it is been evolving since it is explored by students, teachers, scientists, and who knows who else. 
The Metaverse, Data analytics, and Cyber security are the hottest topics right now and with 0 doubt I can tell that they will be playing an important role in the higher education in time. 
It is observed that the cyber security market is going to have a global size of $370 billion by 2028. Right now it is $153.16 billion. 12% of CAGR. That’s something. The global data science market is not so behind too. It is estimated to reach $80 billion by 2027. Which will make up 11.1% of the CAGR. Which market will make the highest CAGR in the upcoming Decade?
The Metaverse. It is expected that it will reach 41.7% of CAGR by 2030. 

With these fast-growing technologies, it is expected that higher education also grows with it. It will and it has to be. With this advancing technology of the metaverse, cyber security, and data science we will have to provide a future-proof and advanced higher education to our upcoming generations. 
So, How do these 3 plays an important role? Let us know in detail and let’s start with The metaverse.

What Is The Metaverse?

With the focus on social connection, the metaverse is a new concept. The metaverse is a 3D virtual world. Metaverse is not new, like in the physical world, but in a fictional world, it has been popular. Metaverse is identically combined with virtual reality and augmented reality to combine both physical and digital worlds. 
With the help of virtual and augmented reality metaverse is going to help in a great manner to the higher education. Although after the pandemic higher education has turned towards building a technological and completely online education system.
If we make the educational classes a hybrid model then metaverse could be a good help to us. So why don’t initiate with it?

What Is The Cyber Security?

What kind of role cyber security can play in the higher education?
But this is not the first question, the only question that crosses your mind is What is Cyber Security?
Let me tell you in short, Cyber security protects your network, system, and programs from harmful cyber threats. In short cyber security aims to make you a cyber-proof. What a threat can do?
This kind of cyber threat can be used against you to extort your money or disrupt your business flow process. 
So now with the answer to the first question. Cyber security is used to secure the data of students as well as teachers. Because they provide their personal as well as family background details to the institute the very day they join. 
Still, hackers have ideas to destroy all the data or to use them against you but as cyber security is largely focused now, it won’t be possible to crack it in upcoming years. So yes cyber security makes higher education easy. 

What Is The Data Science?

Data science is the field of Information and technologies that deals with scientific methods and processes. Data analytics is essential for insights from structured and nonstructured data. This insight is used to gain knowledge of different applications and analytical techniques.
Data science will be useful to you if you have knowledge of statistics, domain knowledge, and computer analytics knowledge. Data science will help greatly the education system in the coming future. Data science can be used in the Research department of the Higher educational system. 
So, we are officially completed with the topic here, But there is one thing left to discuss.

How Continuous and Structural Up-gradation of Technologies Can Enhance The Education Industry?

These three technologies are emerging right now in the market but what is the reason behind them? The reason is they are upgrading and expanding their departments of work. Data analytics, metaverse, and cyber security are going to touch new heights because they are the huge turnarounds for higher education organizations. 


In the end, Sooner or later the higher education is going to be an online or a total metaverse project. It would be great as a new experience but also it will be hard to focus like we used to focus in an offline mode right? But still, as I said technology is emerging and it will find a way for that too. 

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