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How Major Technologies Powering The Metaverse

How Major Technologies Powering The Metaverse
The Future technology Metaverse is almost here. But so many people out there have no in-depth knowledge about it. Yes, of course, they know the definition of Metaverse, but, they are not much technically aware of the Metaverse concept such as how it can affect our day to day life, which technologies can empower the Metaverse, what is the meaning of its existence and so on. If you are one of them, do not worry. In this blog, we will discuss every mentioned topic thoroughly. Let's start with a basic understanding of the Metaverse.

What is Metaverse?

To put it in simple words, imagine attending your favorite live concert, visiting the museum, or viewing world antiques and so on without even leaving your home comfort. Yes, Metaverse is all about that.
It allows you to attend everything virtually just by sitting at home. It allows you to create your 3D avatar that shows your presence and acts as you are actually attending the event. 
Now, you definitely have an idea that Metaverse is not an individual technology. Various different technologies power Metaverse. Let's see what influence all those technologies have on Metaverse. 

Artificial Intelligence in Metaverse

According to the reports, AI has the biggest influence on Metaverse technologies and it is growing more and more every single day. The numbers are expected to reach around USD 716.5 billion in 2027.
Metaverse is going to be the synonym of automation so it is more than clear that we will need the interference of AI. AI operations will help you to manage the software infrastructure of Metaverse events. You can manage various operations such as event correlation, anomaly detection, and predictive alerting through AI.
AI can even help you to make it more accurate by combining the process with big data and machine learning.
Implementation of AI in Metaverse can enhance the user experience by creating digital humans, 3D graphics of bots in the metaverse, and precise avatar creation.

Data Science in Metaverse

Do you agree that Data is the base of every trending technology? No matter which technology you consider, their existence depends on data. Metaverse technology is no different than others. The data science technologies will not influence the Metaverse directly, but data science processes will.
Big data and data analytics will enhance the Metaverse based events. It can help to build an accurate 3D avatar, virtual stages and so on. Predictive analytics can help to gather more precise information based on current trends, forecasts and events. It can also help with decision making for how and when to organize the events and so on.

IoT in Metaverse

Probably only the IoT has the capability to make and break the Metaverse platform. IoT in Metaverse can enhance the platform making it more immersive, interconnected. With the help of IoT functions, metaverse developers can integrate the virtual platform into the physical environments.
IoT enabled functions can enhance the traditional working model to make it more operable with greater speed and scale.
IoT enabled devices in Metaverse can also help to solve real-world problems effortlessly. Using IoT in Metaverse can bring the actual and virtual world together where people can integrate more things accurately with complex systems in person or afar. Such as using the 3D user interface on our desktop or mobile phone customized as per users' behavior and interest.

AR & VR in Metaverse

Just as AI, AR (Augmented Reality) & VR (Virtual Reality) plays the most important role in Metaverse. AR facilitates the users to integrate virtual objects into the real physical world and VR facilitates the usage of 3D graphics, 3D modeling to create the 3D virtual environment. Metaverse technology does not primarily demand the existence of AR & VR, but it can surely enhance the user experience.
In the future, the AR VR components such as the headset, optical projection system, display system and so on will become the primary components of Metaverse technology. It is safe to say that if AI is the mind of Metaverse then AR VR is the heart of Metaverse technology.

Blockchain in Metaverse

Blockchain is related to every emerging technology including NFT, Cryptocurrency and even Metaverse. Yes, You heard it right. Blockchain helps to develop a decentralized metaverse platform. Blockchain can help in many functionalities such as collecting digital assets, authorizing the ownership, crypto exchange, data exchange and so on.
Let's assume you have arranged a virtual concert through the Metaverse platform then how will you sell the passes?
How will you authorize the entries? How will you make sure that there is no duplication of passes? You can manage all these things using blockchain technologies. You can leverage blockchain concepts to enhance security and authentication.

Why does Metaverse existence matter?

You might be wondering that Metaverse came into existence with Mark Zuckerburg introducing Facebook as Meta. No, Metaverse has been here for so long but the involvement of Facebook, Amazon, Google made it trending in the real world.
Yes, it is not the full proof concept but with the amendments and updates, it can be the next big thing such as the internet. The time we will invest right now in Metaverse can shape the future world differently.
Before 1960, no one had ever imagined they could connect to someone on another side of the earth with a single click with the help of the Internet but in today's world, we can not imagine our world without the Internet. The existence of Metaverse technology is somewhat in the same situation right now. No one will believe it until it's done. 


I hope this blog has covered all your doubts and concerns about Metaverse. If not, feel free to drop your questions with us, our team of experts will definitely answer all your questions. If you have any Metaverse ideas in mind, reach out to our HData Systems experts. We have expertise with all the trending technologies starting from AI/ML to cloud optimization.

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