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7 Roles of Data Analytics in Video Games Development

role of data analytics in video games development
The gaming industry is the most competitive market for gamers as well as for game development company as well. This is because gamers try to beat the other gamers so that they don't lose and achieve the new milestone. The game development company tries to come up with trends and technologies so that they don't lose the players and attract more gamers to their gaming platform.
The gaming industry has been growing more and more through the passing years. According to reports, the total value of the gaming industry was USD 198.40 billion in 2021, which is expected to reach USD 339.95 billion by 2027. In addition, the conversion rate of in-app purchases has grown 7.7% by 2020 compared to the year 2016.
All these factors made video game development company integrate various trends and technologies that can enhance the gaming experience for gamers around the globe. In addition, data science and analytics play an important role in game development enhancement.

7 Roles of the Data Analytics in Game development

1) Customer Analysis

Data analytics tools play an important role in analyzing customer behavior and turning them into opportunities. The data science and analytics tools suggested that subscription-based tools help the gaming companies earn more. Various gaming companies offer subscription-based gaming models for their gaming environment. Along with that, big data analytics in game development helps the companies form the advertising techniques that can help them capture back the previous gamers and attract new ones.
We can take the call of Duty as an example. Activision released Call of Duty in 2003 as a video game, and later in 2019, they released the mobile version of Call of Duty. What do you think made them release the mobile game after so many years? They analyzed user behavior with data analytics tools and strategies. Even though it has received mixed feedback from the players, it is successful mobile game development to some extent. 

2) Gaming Analytics AI 

Game development company implies data analytics strategies to get the user data, such as who their users are, how much they like the product, how much time they spend on the platform and various others. After that, they use this information to forge valuable business insights that can be beneficial for them to earn more and provide a more immersive user experience.
Artificial Intelligence and machine learning strategies provide real-time, actionable data insights that can help them to enhance the user experience and resolve the problems that make the users leave the platform. It also helps the game developers to provide a more personalized gaming experience for the gamers.

3) Capturing The Essence Of Fun

Fun is the synonym for the games. What is the meaning of playing if it does not even attract the gamers or keep them engaged? Data analytics tools can help game development companies to generate more revenue, attract more users and keep them engaged. The information generated with the data analytics tools helps the companies to come up with more engaging trends and technologies for the game. However, it demands close attention from the Data science service provider company to work it perfectly.

4) Customer Engagement and User Experience 

The blend of video gaming graphics, the creative storyline and epic performance are the primaries of any game development. But being in the most competitive industry, this is not just enough. You need to provide an outstanding user experience and much more to get constant customer engagement. The AI tools and technologies with data science can help you to understand the user behavior, the way they interact with your platform, what they like about your platform and whatnot. Along with that, these business monitoring tools help with the decision making that can drive more business and prevent the users from leaving your platform. 

5) Design

The design of the gaming platform has to be attractive enough as even if you provide the most amazing graphics but can not provide a decent and engaging game design, you will fail to reach out to your potential user base. You can utilize the data analytics that can help you choose the right technologies to offer best in class animation and visual effects. Along with that, it can also help you to provide the gaming platform for the user that users expect from you.
It can enhance user engagement by utilizing trending technologies. What if the user wants a metaverse based platform and you deliver the traditional gaming experience with extraordinary graphics? You will lose the user base without even starting out in the industry. So, do take the advice from the Data science service provider company to understand the user behavior before starting your game development process.

6) Development

The game development costs fortunes. It includes research, UI/UX development, from-end development, back end development, deployment, quality assurance and much more. What if you invest the fortune without the background knowledge, and it ends up as a failure. So, do include the data analytics process in your background research before moving on with the game development process. The Data analytics tools can help you choose the development technologies, which platform to choose, what your target audience will be, what your earning strategies are, how much time it can take, and so on. Along with that, it also helps the developers to make more informed decisions throughout the development process.

7) Monetization

Are you developing the gaming solution just for fun or for earning? Ask this question before starting anything else. If you are developing it with the purpose of earning more, you should start earning more in the least amount of time. If you can do that, then only you can consider your project a success, or it can be an example of failure for you as well as for others. There are various monetization techniques for game development, such as in-game ads, premium versions, pay to play and many others.


Data analytics and data science in game development can help to be on the top of the competition and win the hearts of the gamers. So, reach out to the data science service provider with your game platform development requirements to get the best out of it.

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