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How To Use Big Data To Run A Food Franchise Successfully

how to use big data to run a food franchise successfully
Big data has become a savior for both small and big companies as it stores massive data, and as the number of data generation will rise each day, big data will only be the way out. Among all the modern businesses globally, big data has also benefited food franchises from significant data science breakthroughs. Several franchises depend on data tech—some big data startups even expertise in catering to franchises. Smart food franchise owners can even find ways to utilize big data to expand their businesses more successfully.
Topics Covered:
1) Food Franchises Finds A Pathway To Grow With The Help Of Big Data
1.1 Use AI to Market Your Business on Various Platforms
1.2 Use AI & Data Mining tools To Pick the Ideal Franchise
1.3 Leverage Machine Learning to Optimize your Strategy
1.4 Give a Takeaway Experience
1.5 Make Sure your Dine-In Follows Covid-19 Safety Procedures
2) Big Data is a Blessing for Food Franchises
Food Franchises Finds A Pathway To Grow With The Help Of Big Data
As the pandemic hit the globe in 2020, it has been challenging to sustain in the market. But despite the hard times, food franchises have a bright future in the upcoming year.
It’s forecasted that the market size of full-service restaurants worldwide will reach USD 1.2 trillion with a 4.7 percent compound yearly growth rate by the year 2027. Meaning that this is a terrific time to seek the right franchising opportunity for you.
Several reasons are responsible for big data to help franchises flourish and preserve profitability, of which some are listed below:
1. Use AI To Market Your Business On Various Platforms
use ai to market your business on various platforms
The proper marketing technique can do wonders for your restaurant franchise. Myriad options are available such as radio, conventional TV, or print media. But, you can choose less high-end choices such as marketing your business on social media platforms, using emails, and other such online tools. Moreover, digital influencers can play a significant role in supporting your business as well.
Keep in mind that creating an easily navigable website will be way progressive to boost your business. Also, offering options such as ordering online, reserving tables, and viewing menus will enhance your business. Artificial intelligence acts as a game-changer here, making it easier to streamline & automate customer involvement.
2. Use AI & Data Mining Tools To Pick The Ideal Franchise
Sometimes it can be baffling to make the right choice when you have a lot on your plate to choose from. But despite that, you must meticulously weigh the right opportunity for you before you settle for one. You must figure out if you want to work with a well-built company or choose to be with a new franchise. This will enable you to customize your needs to what businesses look for in their franchises.
All of this can be made a lot simpler with big data tech. Some companies use AI tools to help ambitious entrepreneurs find out the best franchising opportunities. Data mining tools can also help them look through franchises’ databases and use filters to find the ones best suited to their requirements.
3. Leverage Machine Learning To Optimize Your Strategy
Once everything is set for your franchise, offer customers the information they want. Customer dining at your restaurant appreciates consistency in top-quality food, drinks, fewer waiting times, friendly & knowledgeable staff, and a superb ambiance. Rendering regular staff training will eventually be a great investment as it will make customers happy and keep them coming back to you.
Moreover, offering vegan, organic, and gluten-free options can be attractive for those who are health-conscious. You can also include the list of possible allergies on the menu to pick their meals easily. All of this, in turn, leads to a happy customer.
4. Give a Takeaway Experience
give a takeaway experience
“Takeaway” has been superiorly crucial for the hospitality industry since eternity. Due to lockdown all over the world, there has been a substantial growth for in-home orders for people who want to experience a top-notch food quality within their homes’ comfort. Rendering various options like collection & delivery is a great way to personalize service to your clients’ needs.
It is beneficial to render multiple platforms to place orders, including online ordering, face-to-face ordering, or telephonic ordering, guaranteeing you reach a broad customer base. Offering customers the contactless delivery option can be a significant incentive for them to order with you as it lessens Covid-19 worries.
The revenues in the online food delivery sector is expected to rise to a whopping amount of USD 109,648 million, with a further rise to USD 182,327 million by 2024.
5. Make Sure your Dine-In Follows Covid-19 Safety Procedures
After the lockdown impositions are lifted, and life goes back to normalcy, people would be more eager to return to dining. At such times, providing them peace of mind is necessary. You can conduct a risk assessment to recognize possible hazards allowing you to see precisely which areas you must take care of.
Have necessary regulations for the staff like disinfecting the surfaces, tables, chairs, cutlery, restrooms regularly, wearing the right PPE, and sanitizing hands. Keep your restaurant well-ventilated and seek professional advice on having the best ventilation system in place.
The risk of Covid infection is minimized by offering soaps and sanitizers to customers & staff. This will help customers be safe and carefree and protect your team to run your business smoothly eventually.
During the summer months, outdoor dining can offer a fantastic inducement for customers to come and relish meals and drinks at your cafe. It reduces the risk of Covid and provides them a chance to revel in the sun as they eat. Even in cooler seasons, installing outdoor heat lamps can facilitate outdoor dining and boost the number of tables you offer, eventually increasing the overall revenue.
Big data can also help with this problem. You can utilize big data to learn how vectors work with Covid-19. This helps businesses ensure that they have data-driven social distancing norms in place.

Big Data Is A Blessing For Food Franchises
As discussed in this blog, there are several reasons to invest in big data technology. Food franchises can use big data to their benefit. Hence, if you consider having a franchise or already have one, don’t think twice but embrace this tech for your successful future.
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