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The Future of Jobs in 2022 (And will Artificial Intelligence pose a threat?)

The Future of Jobs in 2022 (And will Artificial Intelligence pose a threat?)
“Do you believe in god?” This was a question that an A.I. Software asked to another A.I. Software. And then those two proceeded to have the most philosophically intense discussion that will fry the brain of a normal human being.
All this while, I was just staring at my phone screen, going all like “WHAT THE HELL! Crap, shut these things down, pull the plug god damn it! How many Terminator movies does it take us to realize that this is a bad idea?”
And the people in the comments seemed all too eager to accept the same fact. 
Artificial Intelligence is getting a little too smart, too fast. Just a couple of years ago, FOX news went ballistic on the thought of having driverless trucks. Their entire argument was that if A.I. gets too smart, then they will pose a threat to many jobholders.
A very serious threat.

In fact, we actually have a complete article on the topic that you can check out right here! Will Artificial Intelligence Take over your job in 2022. In that article, we discussed what are some of the jobs that will feel the hit once Artificial intelligence goes mainstream everywhere. 
Now, this can make a lot of you people feel the chill in your spine. But here’s the thing. Since the 1930’s everyone was thinking that due to industrialization, no one will have to work in the future, we all will sit and relax like we are hobbits in the shire and everything will be like a Utopian paradise. 
Well fast forward 90 years or so, and we know that this isn’t the case. Everyone still has to go to a job and work still takes a major portion of everyone’s life. 
Just a bit differently. 
So no, in most cases the effect of the A.I. will only be seen AFTER A.I. is mainstream. Anything else is just mere speculation. And throughout history, we know that humans, kind of suck at speculating.  
But I know dear reader, you don’t want to read me rambling about a complex socio-technological-economic topic. You just want a simple, straightforward answer to everything, right?

So Here are some of the jobs that have the potential to resist Artificial Intelligence the most.

1: Priests/ Spiritual masters.

Regardless of the religious background, priests/ clergymen are followed for their charisma, and their ability to move the audience, instill hope and confidence in people, and their overall ability to solve emotional and religious problems of the people. Teaching an A.I. the qualities that help in expounding such teachings is a very difficult challenge.

2: Managers and Planners (Event Management/ Human resource Management/ Event Planners/ Product managers/ Sales Managers/ Marketing Managers)

All the activities that include humans and their emotions are mostly safe from the A.I. It is very difficult to code an “Emotion” if you know what I mean. 
In regards to event managers, it is the planning of events and the coordination of events that makes anything a success. Event planners require a lot of creativity when dealing with tight schedules and timelines. 
On the other hand.
Human resource management deals with the emotion of team members in a corporate setting. There are a lot of facets of Human Resource Management that have to deal with emotions. 
Employee relation has almost an entire subject that depends on the manager’s ability to understand emotions and find the appropriate response from his team. Conflict resolutions, training, induction, and a lot of things in the Human resource industry are based on evaluation of emotion and finding the current answer.
In other cases such as project managers, marketing managers, etc, a well-integrated A.I. Software can help as a CATALYST for them to boost their profits. Artificial intelligence or soft-wares can only inform the user of the data that they have. The analysis part can also be managed by the A.I. but the implementation and the execution part of the data will still be dependent on the human.

3: Writers and editors

Here’s the thing. The entire livelihood for writers, authors is dependent on their ability to bring out something new and authentic from their mind and then write it in such a way that moves their audience. This is heavily dependent on the writer’s ability to understand emotions and find the soft spot to create a story out of thin air. 
This is exactly what is the biggest downside for Artificial intelligence. It can understand a story like a series of events, but that is not the correct way of thinking about it. 
In regards to editors, even though there are a bunch of editing sites, what they find out are the technical mistakes of the text. Writing by nature is a very fluid method of information sharing so even if there are some technical mistakes, if it fits with the text then an editor will not change it. The same cannot be said for an A.I.

4: Psychologists/ Psychiatrists/ Therapists.

I think now you’re getting the point. Artificial intelligence might be far superior when it comes to logic when compared to the human brain. But it still lags behind when understanding the emotional side of our brain. 

We cannot expect a robot to express authentic empathy or feelings, unless and until it is being directed by a trained human from Behind-the-scenes. 

So at least in the near future, a robot counselor doesn’t seem possible.

Bonus Wildcard: Chief Executive Officer:

Like we mentioned before, managing humans is hard for an A.I. Imagine managing an entire team of members? Dealing with the daily tasks of a CEO is a mind-numbingly and emotionally draining experience that cannot be copied by a robot.
Also, there are many qualities that a CEO possesses such as leadership skills, empathy, task orientation that cannot be taught to a robot. 


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