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Top Applications and Benefits of Facial Recognition That You Should Know.

Top Applications and Benefits of Facial Recognition That You Should Know.
With the passing of time and the needs of society, more and more technologies have been developed to facilitate development and contribute to security. On a large scale, facial recognition is one of these technologies.
Specifically, what is facial recognition? It is a biometric technology that identifies the measurements of the face to recognize your identity. It does this by measuring the shape and facial structure of each person, which happen to be unique. 
Normally, in security systems, face recognition is used as a complement to other biometric technologies such as fingerprint identifier or voice recognition. This occurs because it is sometimes inaccurate if the person has undergone physical changes or uses excessive makeup.
Using these three biometric technologies or at least two of them, you can be sure that you are who you say you are. 
What is facial recognition for?
Facial recognition is not only useful for unlocking your smartphone. It is also a technology widely used by international security organizations. Interpol reported that by incorporating face recognition into their systems in 2016, they managed to identify more than 1,000 criminals, fugitives, persons of interest and missing persons. 
Facial recognition is certainly extremely useful on a large scale and contributes a lot to society in terms of security. However, its application for the average citizen can be a little different. Here are some of them:
• Unlocking smartphone
There are many smartphone brands, such as Apple and Samsung, that include the option of face recognition to unlock the device. This gives the user a lot of ease since only by aligning their device to the face can they start using it. 
Even, according to the configuration you give your device, you can program it so that notifications are only visible on the screen once the facial identifier has recognized you. 
• Authorize payments 
Paying without having to give your card or cash sounds like the future, right? In China, the facial recognizer is already being implemented to authorize payments in different establishments in order to shorten the payment process and provide more security to the customer. 
In Spain, a facial recognition app has also been implemented to speed up the payments of its customers when they enter BBVA establishments.
Also, in the West, Mastercard has implemented this biometric security system in countries such as the United States and Canada as an option that will prevent possible fraud or identity theft. 
• Photo tagging 
Since Facebook introduced facial recognition in photos, tagging friends that appear on the photo has never been any easier. Google is another important portal that has included this tagging of photos through face recognition in its Google Photos platform, as a function to organize your photos, recognize your friends or family and create albums for each person who is in your archive in a way organic.
• Health sector
In some countries, facial recognition has been implemented to identify if the patient has specific symptoms that suggest that he or she suffers from a physical or psychological illness. This facilitates the diagnosis as the results are obtained faster. 
This result is contrasted with the record of the patient thanks to this biometric face identification technology.
• Modern automobiles
Will it be possible to unlock cars as it is to unlock smartphones? In the near future, yes. Some car brands are already exploring this option at the hands of Apple, which presented a facial recognition technology to unlock vehicles. 
Hand in hand with this new software that can be installed in your vehicle, if it is compatible, or if you have an iPhone X, a pioneering device in facial recognition technology, Face ID, you can access your vehicle without a key.
• Transport security 
We return to China, where they do take advantage of biometric technologies on a large scale. Now, in Shanghai, an initiative has been carried out to incorporate the face recognition function in passenger buses to speed up payment and reduce vehicle entry times.
Another of the most surprising reasons why they seek to implement this technology is to identify driver behavior. If he/she is tired and intending to sleep or distracted, the face recognition system detects it and issues an alert.
• Smart houses
Some smart home security cameras come with the facial identifier included to provide added security. Upon identifying or detecting a stranger, they will send you notifications so you can act accordingly. 
However, these devices take time to identify everyone in the household and recognize them from all angles to avoid confusion. With patience, you will see that it is worth waiting for the facial identification function to be properly configured to operate efficiently.
Advantages of facial recognition 
As we have seen above, having a facial recognition app has many advantages for us in terms of practicality and security. For this reason, many companies are incorporating this technology to improve their processes and provide a more efficient service. 
Definitely, you can save time in the processes to which we are accustomed and they can take us a few minutes due to system or establishment complications. Biometric facial recognition technology comes to shorten waiting times.
If the establishment you go to has a face recognition device and allows you to pay directly, you will skip the tedious process of inserting your card, entering your password and signing. Another important point is that, by using a face identification system to authorize the payment, it will be difficult for you to suffer any fraud or identity theft. 
On the other hand, if we talk about smart phones, facial recognition also offers many advantages in this regard. If at any time you cannot use your hands other than to hold your mobile, a device with this technology will get you out of trouble in that situation.
In addition, it gives you the option to configure the display of your messages or notifications, including entering certain applications and confirming payments, which will only proceed if the facial recognition app identifies your face. Another point here: privacy.
Facial recognition is one of the highly prioritized technologies in the world today. On mobile devices, it can be used to lock and unlock your device and also to limit access to different apps that you consider necessary to protect your security: from social networks, to online banking, etc. And in the business world, its application and benefits are endless. Our developers at HData Systems can assist you with excellent facial recognition solutions.

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