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A Guide to Video Analytics: Applications and Opportunities

a guide to video analytics: applications and opportunities
Video Analytics has been taking over the whole tech world in recent years.
But have you ever wondered why?
And how is this technology being used in recent years?
How can it help for the betterment of all sectors? 
In this article, we will deep dive into video analytics and the applications and opportunities of using it for your needs. Parts of deep learning have also been applied in this to track the behavior and help in the prediction of datasets given to app developers . It has many applications and has been of great help to mobile app development companies in dealing with real-world problems in an easier way. 

What is video analytics?

The main goal of video analytics is to keep a track of events that take place in a video. This can be used in many ways such as the detection of suspicious people, traffic jam analysis, smoking in a non-smoking zone, and parking lot timing detection. It is helpful in real-time analysis of a given place and is mostly used for surveying purposes.
Other uses of these are by applying deep learning algorithms to analyze the datasets to predict behavior and determine insights into the future of the data present. App developers use this technology to predict the performance of a given product in the market.
It is also of great use to business analysts to help increase the profit returns that can be earned. It is sometimes also used for error detection. This has two main advantages. The first is the quick detection of minute suspicion that is otherwise not possible by the human task force. The second is fast work in analyzing the whole database which might take a lot of time for humans. It is also helping app development companies to cut down the cost of development.

Applications of Video Analytics

Now that we know what video analytics is, let us get into how app developers are using it in various sectors for their efficiency. 
The list is as follows:

1) Uses in Healthcare

The Healthcare industry has benefited greatly from this technology. There are numerous uses of video analytics that are easing the task of medical experts. The primary uses are for security and surveillance purposes.
Top app development companies are being hired to develop highly efficient software for the same reason. It is also being of great help in drug diversion cases in hospitals. It is also helping the sector achieve its business goals like efficient tracking and maintenance of the personal history of the patients.
The maintenance of visitors and help avoid overcrowding in the hospital premises by pre-booking slots. It is also helping with the monitoring of patients from their houses. This is also saving time on energy care that might be needed by a patient.
With real-time sensing, any extremer motion is sensed and detected by the cameras. App developers are being hired every day to make remote sensing as efficient as possible and this has been proven highly beneficial. 

2) Uses in Transport 

Video analytics has also been proven of great value to the transport sector and is helping greatly in the development of smart cities. App development companies are coming up with new ways to make navigation easier for their customers. The police are also able to detect and predict traffic jams in the area and work towards avoiding them.
The safety of public transport is increasing for women and children through the installation of security cameras in buses and metros. Detecting accidents has also been able to save the lives of a huge number of people in remote accident-prone zones. It is also being used in the management of bus routes according to real-time traffic and helping reduce the waiting time of the passengers at the stations. 

3) Uses in Sales Retail

The use of machine learning and video analytics has been a recent trend in the retail sector. The architecture industry is also used to determine how design and space can be utilized in the best and most efficient way possible. This has been saving the cost of wastage of excess building materials like cement and plaster in Paris. It is also being used for retail marketing on e-commerce websites to track the shopping habits of customers whenever they visit these online stores.
These algorithms are also being used by app developers to increase the chances of selling a particular item to that customer and for the recommendation of similar items. Sales and profit rates have been increasing ever since it has been algorithm-backed. It has also been shown to increase customer engagement on that site which has been proven extremely advantageous to that company.
Almost all popular shopping sites like Flipkart and Amazon are using this technology to get the audience hooked to their shopping sites more.

4) Uses in Sports 

Other uses of video analysis are in the sports industry. This has made decision-making easier and more efficient. It has been used in numerous sports like hockey, football, cricket, and soccer.
In cricket, it is being used by the third umpires to decide whether a wicket has been taken or not and to predict no balls in the match. App developers are being hired to make this software more functional. In soccer games, it is used to predict the number of passes and the percentage of passes in a particular team. In big matches like La Liga and FIFA, it is used to determine fouls that have been committed by the players. 
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Video analytics has numerous applications and opportunities for the growth of the sector it is being used in. Top app development companies are using it to engage more clients and a part of deep learning is being applied by app developers for behavior analysis and market prediction of a particular product that is being launched. Other sectors like healthcare also find their application for the monitoring of patients and surveillance of sensitive places like emergency care units. Hence, video analysis is great to use for everyone.

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