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Data science and artificial intelligence in your Business

data science and artificial intelligence in your business
Data, Data, Data- Nowadays all we hear is just about data. Well, you will have to agree with me in this case at least. But do you really know that critical data is important for a business to grow its revenue? Well, if you don’t, you really should know at least a little bit about it. But first of all, you should know that with this amount of data how businesses are keeping up? Like it is impossible to contain this much data for a single person. 
Well, what if I say you don’t even need a person for remembering all data? Yes, it is possible, through Artificial intelligence and data science. 

What Do Data Scientists Basically Do?

Let’s say that data scientists quickly and accurately determine business decisions. This data is constantly generated by the Internet of Things. Data scientists develop algorithms and Machine Learning to understand the data insights. The life of a data scientist can be a little tricky but with some practice and opportunities outcomes could be made better.

Data Science Through Artificial Intelligence In Your Business 

There is a number of functions that may be driven by data science. Both customer and internal functions might be affected by data science technology. Below mentioned are some immense ways to make your business a brand really fast with enhanced data science and Artificial intelligence. 

1) Data-Driven Decision Making 

One of the main reasons that businesses use data science applications is because it helps them to make more accurate predictions, forecasts, and plans.
By being able to organize and make sense of data, businesses can better understand what areas they need to focus on in order to reach their targets. Data science tools can help businesses determine which elements are most important and how to best implement plans to reach their goals.
One of the most exciting features of this technology is the ability to perform time series analysis on streaming data. This gives businesses real-time feedback that they can use to make decisions.

2) Customer Intent Understanding 

organizations can now use data science tools to more effectively and accurately understand customer intent and their data, thanks in large part to what is known as natural language processing.
NLP, or natural language processing, utilizes AI to read, write, understand, and ultimately extract meaning from human language to make decisions. This is a major advancement for artificial intelligence and is changing the game for businesses and data scientists.
They have expanded topic modeling, named entity recognition, and sentiment detection capabilities using NLP, which can help them better utilize their data and understand their customers.

3) Helps In Recruiting 

There's a lot of competition for quality and experienced employees, no matter what industry they're in. NLP can also assist businesses in finding the perfect candidates more rapidly by automating parts of the recruiting process. 
Using data science, we can 'read' a resume and decide if a candidate is worth pursuing. That enables businesses to seek out individuals with specific character and personality traits. Recruiting is a challenge for many organizations, no matter what industry they're in.

4) Opportunities 

Businesses can use data science tools and analytics to identify potential business opportunities.
Using historical and forecasted market data, companies can pinpoint regions where they might be able to penetrate the market for sales and marketing efforts with greater precision.
This data can also be used to inform new business decisions and make predictions as to whether a new business will be cost-effective. In the end, organizations will be able to determine whether their investments are worthwhile and whether they will recoup them.

Impact of AI 

Chatbots, speech recognition software and even the Furby doll have been using artificial intelligence since the 1990s. Artificial intelligence has been part of daily life ever since.
According to a 2018 Harvard Business Review study, the most significant advantage of AI for businesses was enhancing business processes rather than producing revolutionary breakthroughs.

1) Process Application 

An AI-driven process application automates basic tasks, such as data extraction, data cross-checking, and calculation execution. AI can automate labor in a fraction of the time that a human would, freeing up employees to perform more advanced duties and be more successful at their job.
There are basically 3 common process applications mentioned below. 
  • Calculating optimal Schedules
  • Enabling real-time decision-making
  • Delivering Custom reports

2) Insight Applications 

In addition to detecting and learning from patterns, an insight application is similar to a process application. Human writing and speech are analyzed using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and Computer Vision is used to process images and video in order to categorize information better. Users can also use data to predict future outcomes, providing an idea of what may happen.
Like process application Insight application also has 3 parts on which it may give its best. 
  • Analyzing records
  • Personalizing 
  • Identifying and Predicting 

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Artificial intelligence can help businesses by looking at their data in different ways. It can take a data set and make inferences about it. And it can use those inferences to make business decisions. Using artificial intelligence tools, businesses can make predictions about what will happen in the future, based on trends and other data points.

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