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How to Use AI in Mobile Applications in 2022

how to use ai in mobile application in 2022
One thing that helps various mobile applications like Spotify, Airbnb, Siri and millions of other applications to win over their users' hearts by providing a customized user experience is just one thing and that is Artificial Intelligence. 
Even though it seems like just a mere concept that one survives without utilizing it yet the implementation of artificial intelligence can do wonders. Seems unbelievable right? Looks like we need a detailed explanation of how the implementation of Artificial intelligence can empower your mobile applications. Let's explore the ways how you can use AI in mobile applications.

How Artificial Intelligence Can Empower Mobile Applications?

1) Enhanced Problem Solving 

Gone are the days, when a human being used to sit in and browse through millions of data to get the accurate answers to the arisen problems. The usage of artificial intelligence can do the problem-solving tasks in seconds that used to take days of human effort. Artificial intelligence has access to millions of data that is nearly impossible to keep up in physical format.
Whether it is to keep track of check-in patients in the hospital, or manufactured inventory management, artificial intelligence can be your perfect companion. If we talk about google maps it uses artificial intelligence to optimize the best route for travelers, get the live traffic updates, and determine the expected time they will take to reach their destination.

2) Recommendation

Have you ever wondered, how you get the perfect show, product or even service recommendation list? You guessed it right. It's all thanks to Artificial intelligence. It is the most basic usage of artificial intelligence. It helps businesses to offer relevant content recommendations to the users. and that makes it easy for users to browse through their favorite content and order or watch them.
Artificial Intelligence keeps track of users browsing history, past order history and many more to offer the recommendation. Yes, you can do well without offering recommendations but you can make it extraordinary using Artificial Intelligence.
Various video-streaming mobile apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime and so on respond to the user queries with the suggestion of similar content if they can't find the exact content that represents user queries.

3) User Behavior Patterns Learning

Let's take the example of our mobile messaging keyboard. Sometimes, it suggests the words that we were about to use without even writing. Artificial intelligence works behind the scenes in it. It learns our typing patterns, keeps track of our behavior patterns and suggests the most used word after the specific one. If you haven't noticed, keep a close eye and note, what's your most used word after typing "I"?
Apart from that, various e-commerce mobile applications like Amazon, an on-demand mobile application like Zomato and various others keeps track of what you order, when you order, how much you order and various other things, keeps track of it and learns from it to provide a more personalized user experience. If you have ever noticed, even Google Maps learns to keep track of our search queries and send push notifications about our most visited place at a specific time. 

4) Sentiments Analysis

Want to see what your target audience is doing on your mobile app or want to check what they like and what not?
All these data play an important role when you want to enhance the user experience. What you can do for your users if you have no idea what they like about your mobile application, what they do not like, what are they expecting from you, what your competitors are, what are they doing and so on. You can fall behind if you will not care about your end-users. 
Artificial Intelligence can perform sentiment analysis for you. It can help you get all the important information and data such as what your users are expecting from you, what features your mobile app should have, which ones can be removed, which can be updated, what your competitors are doing, and what is trending on social media about your mobile app or even what trending social media sensation can help your mobile app enhance more.

5) Customization

What would you like to be called just by "Heyyy" or "Heyyy (your name)"? Which one sounds more appealing to you? Most of us go for the second one, right? Well, that same goes for your mobile application.
Even if you use any mobile application, you might have experienced the same thing. Such as an online food delivery mobile application suggesting your favorite food items at your lunchtime or a discount for your usual ride. Artificial intelligence makes this perfect. 
You can let your end-users feel special by offering a customized user experience. It can help you take the user experience and refind your CRM level. You can customize the user experience, offering special features, functionalities, discounts and various others. Using artificial intelligence can help you get the potential user base that you used to think does not matter much.
Think if addressing by the first name can make someone feels known, what wonders can a personalized user experience make for your business?

6) Predictive Analysis

Everyone likes it when they have someone that cares about them, predicts what they will need, or reminds them to take action right? Well, various mobile applications are doing that nowadays.
Online medicine delivery mobile apps send a reminder to reorder the medicine as they are about to end, e-commerce mobile application asks you to order the tracking bag that you will need as you have just booked a trip and various other things that we might not even notice.
That works well because of the predictive analysis of artificial intelligence which even you can apply in your mobile app to keep up with the user requirements. It can help you predict how your users want your app to work with them and, of course, boost the sale without demanding much effort from your end.


I hope now you are convinced how the usage of artificial intelligence can make your ordinary mobile application extra-ordinary. The most amazing thing is, that you don't even have to put up any extra effort if you want to implement AI in your mobile application. All you have to do is drop your queries to HData systems experts, and we will take care of everything else.

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