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How Telecom Companies Use Big Data Analytics

how telecom companies use big data analytics
What is big data analytics? 
Why do telecom companies use big data analytics?
How can data analytics be helpful to you?
Why should you consider big data analytics?
If all these keep crossing your mind, again and again, this article is for you! With the spread of technology and more and more personal devices getting connected to the internet, the amount of data flow has also been increasing. App developers have been finding new ways to channel this data and filter it in such a way that it can be utilized optimally. The analysis of this data is called big data. 
Big data is highly crucial for telecom companies. These companies hire dedicated app developers in order to classify and arrange this data that can earn them maximum benefits. As of the current market research, this channelized data has been of immense help to finding out the customer engagement rate, betterment of the services being provided, and improving the security of the databases storing the user data. 
Access to big data also provides these telecommunication companies with numerous opportunities that were once a dream! Over the years, companies hire android and iPhone developers in order to receive and store the data of the customers. This data helps to improve the service and also helps organize the traffic on various services provided. So without further ado let us get into the ways in how big data analytics is profitable to telecom industries. 

How is big data being used by telecom companies?

As mentioned earlier telecom industries are hiring new app developers daily to organize the data. But, have you wondered how this data is being used? Given below is a list to help you understand better. 
  • For an overview, the list is as follows:
  • Optimization of the current network
  • Optimization of the price of services
  • Target the right audience
  • Development of new products
  • Help recognize any threats to the data
  • Attracting new potential clients
  • Preventing any frauds
  • Innovation of newer products
  • Recommending new services
  • Performing churn analysis
Now that you have an overview of how this data is being analyzed, let us detail each point. 

1) Optimization of Network

Big telecom companies have hired numerous app developers over time to manage the network flow. This has also helped them to develop new products and advertise them better to their clients. With data analytics, they are also able to determine the traffic on the services and hence analyze their performance. This helps them to earn a maximum profit on the services and see their performance in the market. Along with this new android app developers are being hired to predict the data flow and launch new functionalities to improve the customer experience. This database can also help predict any breaches in the data and hence save the company from any losses.

2) Optimization of Prices

Cost-effectiveness is the prime concern of any customer and data analysis can save a lot of money. This is why app developers stress soo much big data. The help of this filtered data makes the companies analyze which product is being liked and disliked by the audience and what improvements need to be made in order to sell more of a particular service.
In today’s world, this has become quite easy by tracking customer behavior with AI and Machine learning models. NLP has also come to the heed of dedicated app developers which makes the processing and channelizing of data is very easy. This has proven to provide a maximum rate of return for telecom companies since they have been heavily relying on it for all their major decisions. 

3) Attracting a new customer

Being happy with your old customer base is just not enough for a company. One should always focus on the market expansion. You might be wondering how is this connected to big data analytics. Well, let us elaborate.
Big data has proven to help maintain customer relations and help attract new ones. They help get a basic understanding of the likes and dislikes of a customer and suggest the services accordingly. With these new offers and functionalities that can be provided to the customer, satisfaction and rate of return are guaranteed to increase. The more personalized some content is, the more it is expected to sell.

4) Prevention of fraud

As we all know, even big software companies are facing security breaches. This is the reason even top app development companies are hiring app developers in order to provide the best security services. The analysis of big data can help save a company against these kinds of issues. This can be done by recognizing threats and induced viruses in the databases. Many of these are bought by emails sent under the name of the telecom industry. Such blocks can be created to help prevent the leaking of sensitive data of the customers and in order to save the goodwill of that telecom company. 


Big data plays a huge role in the profit returns of any company. Telecom companies use big data analytics for various purposes such as tracking the behavior of the customer, helping analyze the potential threat, and reporting any malfunctions in the databases to the app developers involved in the development phase. It has also proven to improve customer satisfaction and optimize the available resources correctly.
Not just that, any new product being launched can also be tested using data analytics. And this resource is being utilized to its fullest potential possible. With trial and error, companies are saving a lot of money on the service of the new products that are in the development phase. With the use of correct algorithms, the correct audience is being targeted and this is helping the telecom company to earn maximum profits in that sector. Content and region-based filters are also being used while personalizing the functionalities are being suggested to the user to avoid breaking any government-set guidelines.  Hence it is easy to conclude that with the help of big data a company is sure to succeed. 

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