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Top DevOps Trends In The Market For The Year 2021

top devops trends in the market for the year 2021
There has been astonishing growth in the software development industry in the past decade. The current digitalized world is growing like never before, of which multiple tech instances are coming out daily. DevOps is known to everyone in the IT field, especially in recent years, since the world is becoming more digitized each day. DevOps is recognized as a set of practices that companies comply with to automate business processes between different teams involved.
What Is DevOps?
Every business has a different definition of DevOps. DevOps is a combination of development & operations. It describes a hierarchical structure, practices, and culture to empower fast, agile development, and solid operations. It is hugely associated with eliminating engineering barriers during the execution of the plan. In a nutshell, it accelerated product delivery while maintaining quality.
Top Trends In DevOps For The Year 2021
The main objective is to develop, test, configure, and reliably release the product within the deadlines.
1. Artificial Intelligence Popularity
After the foundation of AI, it has actively captured global attention. AI is speculated the most in augmenting DevOps 2021 and will play a crucial role in supervising various traditional activities.
It can even play a role in enhancing the test cases, alongside reducing the time consumed by an app during the development phase. The popularity of AI is probably one of the critical trends in the DevOps' future.
2. Cloud-native Environment
cloud-native environment
This refers to a container-based ecosystem. This technology helps the platforms to build apps with services that include containers. This tech can even elevate multiple other dimensions in the upcoming years, mainly with DevOps trends in 2021. It can render a competitive edge to the companies as they will get adequate time to market.
This tech can easily imply a higher level of innovation and advancement. To build dynamic technology, various business platforms are moving their services to cloud-native tech. Hence, it has become a reliable DevOps market trend in 2021 including an optimum utilization of technology.
3. A Rise In Container Registry Solutions
Container registries have gained a lot of traction, and it is undoubtedly going to be the future of DevOps 2021 as it can lead to a rise in a container registry.
Container registry services play a significant role in DevOps. The development team typically works with containerized apps or another type of microservices architecture. The rise in cloud-native tech has led to the need for container registry services and stepping its foot towards DevOps' future 2021.
4. Golang Development
There is speculation that Google developed Golang will grow along with DevOps. The language is likely to create a remarkable impact on the DevOps community and make a massive impact on its arena. Many DevOps tools such as Docker, Istio, Kubernetes, and more are there in Golang.
This is a fantastic programming language, mainly for the ecosystems where the dependencies cannot be involved.
5. Security
DevOps services will prioritize security more than ever in the outsourcing companies. Existing tech raises many red flags and security concerns. However, in the light of Pandemic, when the entire world is turning digital, it is crucial to eliminate such issues. Therefore, security will be an essential part of the software development process and an integral DevOps trend in 2021.
6. Low Code DevOps
low code devops
The DevOps and automation process in 2021 helps streamline the overall process of software development related. DevOps can fast-track the overall process, so it is obvious to expect it to become a significant trend in 2021.
As the need for speed to make DevOps builds, DevOps platforms should integrate low-code tools that help define the pipeline process via user-friendly & point-and-click user interface. The latest tools will help the software development services in the businesses to make the highest use of technology.
7. Kubernetes
This is a significant DevOps trend, and it is a mobile and open-source system that was extensively used last year. The beginning of this tech in 2015 has secured a maximum share of attention in the DevOps arena. Since the start of 2021, considerable growth is observed in the APIs of integral Kubernetes. This trend is still expanding and more likely to dominate in the future. 
Kubernetes is an innovative tech-driven trend, but the fame of container orchestrators is absolutely not fading away. There are several vendors in the industry willing to extend the support of Kubernetes.
8. Observability
This is the latest DevOps trend which every platform needs to be aware of. Many times it is seen that companies confuse observability in apps with supervision, and if you are even the one repeating the mistake, then you have to reconsider it. Both are different concepts where supervision is just an activity, and observability is a feature of the system.
9. Site Reliability Engineering
Also referred to as SRE, this concept came into being in 2003. Its presence became remarkable before the DevOps concept. This is a new trend in DevOps definitely.
To separate the task between development & operations for any project, there is a need for a division because of the massive infrastructure. Moreover, it is not easy to make a separate responsibility team for the complete application process. To give wings to the cause, DevOps' future is likely to promote SRE in the future.
10. DevOps Assembly Line
This trend focuses on shifting attention to the Assembly line of DevOps. Formerly, the CI pipeline was concentrated, but with the DevOps assembly line in trend, it might change in 2021. This trend's main objective is to reinforce the actual collaboration between planning and automation of the delivery process.
DevOps assembly line can give sufficient chances on benefits in the coming years involving native integrations and consistent delivery systems. Therefore, it is forecasted that the businesses will move their attention towards the DevOps assembly line.
The considerable growth & development in the DevOps arena have given birth to many other technology instances. Several revolutionary changes are taking place, of which it is anticipated that the DevOps 2021 trends will remain the main focus.

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