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Best Configuration Tools in DevOps

best configuration tools in devops
What is DevOps?
What are the best management tools in DevOps?
How can I solve my management issues with DevOps?
Is DevOps still relevant?

How can configuration management tools help in DevOps?

If all these questions seem to bother you too, then this article is for you. In this article, we will learn about the various configuration management tools in DevOps and how you can use them to your advantage. Apart from that, we will learn about the basics of DevOps services and a few lesser-known topics associated with it. So without further ado, let us get into it. 
Certain DevOps tools are not very popular and majorly used by a selected few that include DevOps engineers associated with DevOps services. It is highly preferred for easy management and handling of data with the correct efficiency. This is one of the best ways to approach your next project in an IT sector company. Let us begin from the basics.

What is configuration management?

It is the part of the project that assures that the quality of service remains the same with every audit. This includes the connectivity, communications, the functions on board, and the reaction and processing time for the project undertaken. 
This is done by keeping an eye out for and analyzing each and every aspect of the project since day one. There are various processes involved in this. They are listed below:
1) Reconfiguration
2) Updation
3) Patching
There is no compulsion to always include patching but it should be performed as and when necessary. 

The reason why it is given so much preference is that it helps to avoid any inconsistency till the whole project is completed. This is done by testing that offers the guarantee of configuration consistency. Another reason for the preference is that it helps to report and write down each and every step that is taken within the DevOps development service stage insuring that no errors go undetected in the next phase. This helps to cut down system ambiguity saving the time of each and every DevOps engineer present on the panel. 
Configuration management helps to reduce the workload of the admins and the project leads. This is possible due to allotting the baseline for each and every task that is undertaken by every individual member involved in the project. This helps to achieve the goals in the most hassle-free and least error way possible. 

What are SCM and the features involved in it?

SCM is an abbreviation for Software Configuration Management. It is used to track the changes that are going to be made by the DevOps engineers. It has numerous advantages that include reducing manual errors, speeding up the deployment of the app in making and scaling, and predicting the future updations that will be required. Some of the features of SCM are given below:
  • It collects information about the system on which the software is going to run in the future
  • Determining that the current configuration of the system belongs to which phase of development
  • Inducting a center ground for all basic system settings
  • Classifying and managing all the systems present on the board
  • Assuring that a number of operations can be performed impetuously on the system at a given time period
  • Complete remediation of the management system
  • Automating all the updations, patch-ups, and redefinitions that will occur throughout the DevOps development service. 
These are some of the basic features of SCM. It is necessary to choose software that best suits the needs of your company. Along with that, it is most important to keep a track of the budget when you are opting to spend for an SCM.

Best Configuration Management Tools

Some of the best management tools preferred by the top DevOps engineers are as follows:

1) Ansible

This is one of the best tools avoidable in the market as it helps to get rid of any ambiguity issues and errors that might be present in the system. It also helps the team to focus more on the strategy that needs to be implemented for the completion of the task at hand. It lays more focus on the XML or the YAML files to help make the system understand the configuration specifications with the help of algorithms.

2) Terraform

This is a free-to-install app which means that you save a lot on the investment cost. This helps to manage a group of services with the help of cloud infrastructure. This also makes sure that you save a lot of space on the system the app is running on. It can be incorporated with various cloud-based platforms like azure. All the databases used in the project are represented individually on the interface of this app. Not just that, but it is extremely easy to use. You can also automate the deployment tasks for your projects.

3) SaltStack

This is a system that runs on Python. This means that it has all the functionalities of python which include a range of libraries that you can easily use for your convince. It also makes the process of data visualization extremely easy and attractive to make your project stand out more. It is also not restricted like other language-based options available in the market. It provides SSH and various push methods to make your task easier and also helps to communicate with the clients easier to understand what kind of output they might be expecting from the DevOps Engineers.
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DevOps can be a complex process to handle if not navigated properly. If done right, it can reduce the workload of the entire task force tremendously. There are many software available in the market for managing the configuration in the DevOps project. There are various steps involved in the configuration management process that includes auditing the received data, gathering relevant data, establishing a baseline for everyone, and controlling the various versions. Apart from this, the major advantage is that it ensures that the quality of the software remains the same after every step and updation of the project undertaken.

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