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What Are The Pros And Cons of DevOps

what are the pros and cons of devops
In today's world, DevOps is a growing field. With the rise of tech companies and IT systems all over the world, there has been an increase in demand for more efficient ways to get tasks done faster and better. 
The industry of DevOps focuses on both sides: operations (IT) as well as development (software). It strives to bring these two teams together with a shared goal in mind - success. 
As you can imagine, this collaboration between software developers and IT professionals maybe like a three-leg stool, but hey, if it works, then it works.
And this has caused a huge shift in the field of software development has occurred over the past decade, with more and more companies adopting DevOps.
This method of development allows organizations to release new features and updates much faster than before, which has helped many businesses stay competitive in today's fast-paced world. Organizations are moving to an agile approach that enables them to respond quickly to changing customer needs, create new features, and innovate faster than ever before. 
The cloud allows for the deployment of applications at an unprecedented scale with little effort or expense, so there's no need for large investments in physical infrastructure.
However, while this is true for some organizations, it isn't always an easy transition to make. 
A question that often arises in the field of DevOps is what are some of the advantages and disadvantages of DevOps? There are a lot of articles out there, but we wanted to share our thoughts on this topic. 
We believe that many people associate DevOps with just good things like faster development cycles, less risk, and higher availability. But when you dig deeper into it, there can be some hidden costs as well. 
In today's article, this is what we will be following. So, you can expect topics like:
- What is DevOps
- Reasons why DevOps probably isn’t for you
- Reasons why DevOps is amazing.
Moving on:

What Is DevOps?

We have already been here, haven’t we? DevOps is one of those topics that you guys just can’t have enough of. So, no worries, I have no problem explaining this to you guys.
DevOps is the closest thing to a tech philosophy. It’s a mindset, it’s a cultural phenomenon that some companies have, and some companies don’t. This is why it is so difficult to explain it. This is also why no two same companies will have the exact definition of DevOps. 
“DevOps is like water, my friend.”
- Bruce Lee. Probably
In the simplest of terms, DevOps is where all the departments work together to give the highest value possible for the team and the company. DevOps, therefore, is derived from its goals first, and definition later. 
Yeah, I know. This goes opposite to how technical terms should be applied, but welcome to the new era, my friend. 
Don’t worry. We have written in-depth on DevOps before, so feel free to check them out. It will give you an idea of how we can approach this subject.
So, now with the technical stuff handled, let’s get inside the meat of the topic…that was a sub-par Segway at best. I apologize. Yeah, let us push along.

Reasons Why DevOps Probably Isn’t For You.

DevOps has created the opportunity for companies to use less money on labor costs, while at the same time allowing them to grow more quickly with better results. 
One disadvantage in this field is that not all organizations are successful with their first attempt. 
This can lead to increased expenses when it comes to getting back on track again and may result in lost revenue opportunities as well.
This is why:

Disadvantage 1: It Won’t Automate, Automatically. 

Here's the thing, DevOps is not a synonym for automation. That is just how this works. Yes, automation is a huge part of DevOps but it’s not the same thing. 
Not at all. The thing here is, that as a company you need to develop systems that help in the automation when you are shifting your company culture to DevOps. 
Without this shift, applying DevOps tactics won’t help you out. This is why your first DevOps shift feels so staggard. So, if this is your first attempt, take it lightly. Don’t stress out too much

Disadvantage 2: Tracking Is Difficult.

Speed has always been of the essence, especially when it comes to DevOps. No, this agility sounds great and all, but it is very difficult to adapt to it. If developers need to find out how to improve themselves, then they need to track their faults as well.
But the sheer speed at which the iteration takes place makes it very difficult for developers to adapt to it. 

Disadvantage 3: Security Much?

Titanic was built very fast We all know what happened to it. You can apply the same thing here. Speed and safety aren’t good friends in most cases. With rapid speed in every department, this makes pitfalls very common. 
And that is especially true if you are just integrating DevOps into your team. 
Now, that we are done with the disadvantages of DevOps, let’s focus on the advantages.

Advantage 1: Unites team like the avengers.

DevOps was an evolution of the Agile working model. This makes departments produce value for their customer at a very fast pace. DevOps aims to bring these different departments together and focuses on using proven methods to maintain the quality of work.

Advantage 2: Customer focus goals:

The goal of DevOps has always been client-oriented. Where other models focused more on the procedural aspects of development, DevOps brought the focus on the customer’s needs. Because in the end, the results speak volumes than the process. 

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