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Azure DevOps Is New VSTS

azure devops is new vsts
So, you guys probably know what VSTS and What Azure DevOps are, as you are in this article. I suppose you have a little idea about that. No? Let me tell you in short what is VSTS and What is Azure DevOps? 

What is VSTS?

VSTS (Visual Studio Team Services) was a cloud-hosted extension that was run by Microsoft and assisted development teams with special tools and services. These services were for software programmers, tester and IT project developers.
Now let’s move to the next part,

What is Azure DevOps?

Azure DevOps is VSTS. Confusing, Huh? Not at all. Let me tell you, In 2018 Microsoft realized that VSTS is a very large platform where users might get confused with different tools. So they developed Azure DevOps. So now you have an idea that azure DevOps and VSTS are somewhat the same not fully but in some cases they are.
According to Abel Wang, VSTS was one monolithic tool that did everything for the development of software They break VSTS into different tools, and now instead of just one monolithic tool, Microsoft has Azure Pipelines, Azure Repos, Azure Boards, Azure Artifacts, and Azure Test Plans.
Now let me tell you how this works,
Let’s say you have your code in GitHub and you are building it in Jenkins so won’t it be better if you use azure Pipeline? Like to release pipeline nothing will be better than Azure Pipelines.
You can make your Test plans using Azure Test Plans, To track all of your work through the project you can use Azure Boards. So with the help of Azure DevOps,  you can use whatever tool you want without using the Monolithic VSTS application.

What Differences Do They Make In Azure DevOps?

Azure DevOps is an evolution of VSTS. In 2018 Microsoft launched Azure DevOps and with that, they said that Development Operations are difficult to do and it is getting critical to a team’s success. 
They provided specific services to us and assured us that these tools will provide software faster and that too with higher quality. 
Let’s get to know these changes one by one.

Azure Pipelines

Azure Pipelines is Basically a CI/CD which works with any programming language, platform, or even a cloud. It connects with GitHub and deploys continuously. 

Azure Boards

Azure Boards uses Kanban Boards, Backlogs, Team Dashboards custom reporting, and with the help of all of this Azure boards give you the exact tracking of your work.

Azure Artifacts

It gives you package feeds for different public and private sources. 

Azure Repos

It is a private Git Repos for your project. By its name, it is identical that it provides a good repo to your business through Advanced file management and collaborative pull requests.

Azure Test Plans

With Azure Test Plans you will be able to do any kind of test, your one-stop solution for your Tests. 
All these Azure DevOps Services are open and also extensible. If you are working with a Framework, Platform, or even a cloud application, this software works smoothly for all of these. Also, it is possible that you use them separately or combined for all kinds of development solutions. 
As Azure supports both private and public cloud configurations, you will be able to run your data in your data center or their cloud too. It is possible and it is amazing.

What Kind Of Changes Will Be There In Azure DevOps?

Azure DevOps is nothing but the evolution of VSTS. The former VSTS users will get upgraded into Azure DevOps Automatically. Azure DevOps will give more choices and functions to existing users, so it is 0 loss and 100% gain for former users.
The URL is changed from abc.visualstudio.com to dev.azure.com/abc. They have also made this easier for new users who just search visualstudio.com, they redirected this link to Azure DevOps.
As a part of this, the user will get an updated experience. 
Users of the Team Foundation Server will get updates based on features live in Azure DevOps. The Next version of TFS will be called DevOps Server and will get continue the enhanced updates and Services. 


The change is necessary, But with Care. With this motive, Microsoft has perfectly relaunched VSTS with a new name which is Azure DevOps. Azure DevOps is a one-stop solution for every kind of Software Development. With Azure’s Pipelines, Boards, Artifacts, Repos and Test Plans you can design your application or website with ease. 
You can also use all of these tools in Azure DevOps simatenoiusly but you won’t be calling it VSTS. If you are building a website from a scratch you must use all of these application. It will really help your business. 

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