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IoT In Healthcare: Benefits, Challenges, And Future

iot in healthcare
Along with all the other changes COVID-19 has brought, one was enhancing the healthcare system. The healthcare system has been more accurate and enhanced with the usage of IoT development, telemedicine, remote monitoring and many more. Even though some of the technologies have been around us for a while, the enhancement IoT integration has brought is commendable. 
Today we have interconnected medical treatment methods with smart devices that offer accurate results when it comes to making firm decisions, deciding on treatments, sharing important data and offering remote treatments as well. 
There are various benefits that IoT integration is already offering to the healthcare system. Let's explore some of the benefits that concern every aspect of the healthcare system.

Benefits of the Internet of Things for the Healthcare industry

IoT integration in the healthcare industry does not just offer benefits to health professionals but to almost every affecting factor. Let's explore them.

1) For Patients

The advanced usages of different wearables can monitor the user's activity and send notifications about unusual health activities such as abnormal heart issues, malignant growth, Parkinson's illness, diabetes, and asthma, along with other basic details such as weight, height, calories, and temperament level and so on. It comes in handy when health professionals, users or the guardian of users needs to know any unusual activities of the users. 

2) For Clinics

Other than the clear benefits of IoT innovation in healthcare, for example, checking the health conditions of patients, clinics benefit by keeping the track of health professionals, inventory, conditions of patients, medicine reminders, giving clinical equipment control, and better medication to the executives. Along with that, IoT technology integration offers various advanced services such as remote patient monitoring, electronic health report generation and many more. The usage of advanced technologies like IoT development will help the healthcare industry to save up to $700 billion in the coming 15-20 years. 

3) For Health Professionals

IoT gives more noteworthy productivity to doctors and other health professionals, permitting them to screen the patient's entire diagnosis all the more precisely, and analyze all the more definitively and unbiasedly. Medical services innovations utilizing IoT make it conceivable to keep in touch with patients even a ways off, and the information gathered gives more material for research and for better decision-making.

Use Cases of IoT in the Healthcare Industry

Even though it seems like IoT implementation is not widely famous there are various domains of the healthcare industry that are already using IoT to enhance their offering.

1) Accurate Clinical Follow-up and Data Collection

IoT devices consequently produce lots of data that researchers can draw upon for additional review. This information is doubly significant on the grounds that it reflects true usage conditions, fulfilling prerequisites for guidelines like the EU MDR.

2) Telemedicine and Remote Health Care 

As per the report generated by Statista, the U.S. telemedicine market is expected to top $22 billion by 2022. Numerous medical services suppliers are focusing on advances like IoT medical devices, especially to convey quality consideration to significant distance patients. Medical IoT innovation gives healthcare suppliers a method for gathering exact, clinically valuable information from any quiet, paying little mind to where that patient is truly admitted.

3) Increasing Patient Adherence

Prescription non-adherence is liable for an expected half of treatment disappointments and up to 25% of hospitalizations in the U.S. every year. Medical IoT devices can be utilized to screen treatment adherence by following various data inputs such as drug admission, exercise time, calories burned, and various others at customary stretches. This gives healthcare professionals a simple method for checking whether the patients are following the prescribed methods or not.
IoT software development can likewise give customized electronic alarms to patients whose treatment conditions have not been met. These send reminders to patients spurred and connected throughout the span of their treatment by showing them how simple it very well may be to mean for their own health decidedly.

4) Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Healthcare suppliers can utilize IoT devices to consistently monitor explicit essential signs pulse, sugar level, blood pressure, and various others in real-time. This permits them to give concentrated clinical observation that opponents or even surpass the kind of care accessible in medical clinics. Various healthcare professionals are putting their trust more and more in Remote Patients Monitoring (RPM) to keep track of the well-being of the patients that are not admitted to hospitals.

IoT Challenges in Healthcare Industry

Even though IoT is one of the modern tech innovations; there are some challenges the healthcare industry can face when it comes to IoT integration. But you can overcome them with the right guidance. 

1) Protocols Assortment

One of the challenges with IoT in healthcare anyone can face is the integration of multiple devices with a single device can be a bit tricky. Notwithstanding the connection between every one of them, the distinction in their connection conventions makes information accumulation substantially more troublesome, prompting dialed-back inside processes. The explanation lies in the way that device makers have not agreed on a solitary norm for communication conventions.

2) Security and Privacy

One of the fundamental issues of using the IoT in the healthcare industry is security. Taking into account the variety of conventions, as well as the absence of lucidity on the issue of data ownership guidelines, confidential data is incredibly defenseless to digital attacks and hacks. This prompts the danger of Personal Health Info (PHI) data theft, its public vulnerability, or even the production of spam calling for perhaps the most famous issue — identity theft.

3) Data Overabundance

Security is not the only data-related issue. IoT devices gather such an excess of data that examining everything and reaching inferences has turned into a genuine issue for health professionals. With the expansion in the number of devices and measures of health data, the course of analysis and navigation turns out to be more troublesome.

Future of IoT in the Healthcare Industry

If we talk about the future, there is no doubt in knowing that IoT is going to be here for a long time. According to the research, IoT in the healthcare industry is going to generate $534.3 billion in revenue by the year 2025. As you have presumably acknowledged while going through this blog, when you find out about one application for IoT in one component of the healthcare industry, it promptly infers different applications for distant devices or conditions whose patients would benefit from this innovative technology of the utilization of IoT. Even though IoT innovation in the healthcare industry is going to open more opportunities than ever.


IoT in the healthcare industry is as of now digging in for the long haul in the realm of medication, and its presence is set exclusively to endlessly develop over the long haul. Now is the ideal opportunity to investigate the market, conceptualize, and think of the following progressive thought that could surprise the clinical IoT market and launch you into a position at the top of a fruitful application. Also, you may very well save a few lives while you make it happen.

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