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Machine Learning and IoT based Real Time Parking System

machine learning and iot based real time parking system
The internet of things has been a growing trend for the past few decades.
The rise of IoT has led to an increase in innovation, as well as advancements in many industries.
The growth of ai and machine learning along with IoT was inevitable and only continues to grow in popularity. As it stands now, many different industries are all beginning to take notice of this new technological revolution- most notably, big businesses and large companies such as Walmart and Google.
With IoT, it is possible to use information and data collected from machines and networks to understand how they are being used. This is important because if companies can better understand how their products are being used, then they will be able to improve them with time so that customers get more out of them.
Since the last few decades, no industry has been left untouched by Artificial Intelligence and IoT. From security and manufacturing to healthcare and farming, IoT is quickly becoming an indispensable part of our lives.
It is expected that by 2020, 20 billion devices will be connected through IoT-related services with a market worth $2 trillion annually.
In the future, more than just our phones will be connected; we'll have smart homes with internet-connected fridges and best of all...IoT-based parking system
Imagine how simple life will be if artificial intelligence along with IoT handles all the hassles of a real-time parking system.
In today’s article, we will be going over the topic of Machine Learning, IoT, and its impact on the smart parking system

Table of content:

  • What is a smart parking system? And how does it connect with IoT?
  • How will a smart parking system work?
  • Importance of smart parking system
  • Conclusion
With the introduction and index out of the way, let us focus on the topics listed below

What Is A Smart Parking System? And How Does It Connect With Iot?

Parking is the one thing that people hate to do, but it's something we all have to do. It can be stressful and time-consuming when you're not sure where your car will be or if there will even be space available.
Thankfully, technology has come up with an answer: smart parking systems. A smart parking system is an inter-connected parking system controlled by central management with the help of IoT devices. This new way of thinking about parking makes finding a spot as simple as it can get.
Cities and towns are transforming into technology hubs with interconnected buildings, sensors, and a population that has come to depend on their mobile devices. IoT, or the Internet of Things, is an integral part of this change by creating data-driven infrastructure that can provide real-time updates on traffic conditions, water pressure in pipes and so much more. The same technology can also be applied to parking garages. Smart parking systems offer a solution for drivers who don't want to waste precious time looking for a spot to park their vehicles.
A Smart parking system is an inter-connected parking system controlled by central management with the help of IoT. They use real-time data to improve utilization, increase revenue and reduce traffic congestion. Many smart parking systems on the market vary in size and complexity, but they all share a common goal: to provide a safe, convenient, and efficient way for people to find available spaces when they need them most.

How Will A Smart Parking System Work?

It's been a hot day and you're looking for parking. You pull up the app, enter your destination and get ready to drive in circles around the block until something opens up. With smart parking systems, that may not be necessary. Smart parking systems work by informing drivers of an active spot available for their vehicle in seconds.
It does this through real-time parking occupancy rates and sensors that detect when a car leaves or enters a spot so that it can immediately notify another driver about free parking space.
Smart parking systems are being developed to help drivers find a spot. These smart parking systems work by informing the driver of an active parking spot that is available for their vehicle, as well as helping them find and pay for the spot. The system works with real-time parking occupancy rates and sensors.
It notifies the driver when they are nearing a stall that has been opened up and can be used without driving around looking for one or spending time in long lines at meters or kiosks.

Importance of Smart Parking System

Parking in the city is becoming increasingly difficult. With cars constantly pouring into major cities, parking spaces are becoming harder to find and more expensive. In response to this growing problem, several smart parking systems have been implemented throughout major cities that allow drivers to find available spots faster with the help of their mobile phones.
The best part? These systems don't even require any payment by the driver! Smart Parking Systems Make a Difference in the City which is why the importance of smart parking systems is ever-increasing.
These systems are beginning to provide drivers with real-time information on available parking spaces, which can help them find parking spots faster and more efficiently. Many cities worldwide are embracing this new technology because it has been shown to make a difference in traffic congestion and time spent searching for open space. As urban centers grow denser and populations continue to increase, smart parking systems will be a norm in the coming future.
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As you can see, IoT will revolutionize parking and will pave the way for a better Future.
The Artificial intelligence of the internet of things is expected to revolutionize everything from healthcare, smart cities, homes, and schools to manufacturing plants, supply chains, and retail stores with billions of connected devices generating trillions of data points worldwide by 2020.
The Internet of Things is rightfully a worldwide phenomenon and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. It seems like every day there's another piece of technology that wants to be connected to the internet: cars, televisions, toothbrushes--you name it. But just because these gadgets are adding Wi-Fi connectivity doesn't mean they're safe from cyber-attacks or hackers.
The future is here and it's called the internet of things.
This is where we would like to end the article. Thank you for staying around. Feel free to check out other articles like this.

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