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Power BI: What is it?

What is power bi and how to use power bi.
The Power BI Custom Visual Development process is a way to build your visuals for data analysis in the Microsoft Power BI service.  The benefits of custom visual development are that you can create new and unique insights into your data, and you have complete power over what information is displayed on the graph. 
It allows users to visualize their data in various ways with interactive reports and dashboards, while they are collaborating on them together in real-time. 
This makes it an invaluable tool for all sorts of businesses, as well as giving individual professionals the ability to make more informed decisions.
Power BI can be used by everyone from executives who need to know how their company is performing, to teachers in the classroom, or sports coaches.
The first step in getting started with Power BI Custom Visual Development is understanding what it does. "What are custom visuals?" you might ask. 
A custom visual allows for the creation of a new visual within Power BI which typically performs some type of calculation on your data.
It also allows users to develop interactive data-driven dashboards and reports on any device or operating system they use. Users can also share their workbooks with others to collaborate on projects.
Oh god, saying all that was a mouthful Well at-least now you know the basic gist of Power BI. In today’s article, we will be talking about
- Different Components of Power BI
- Why do you also need to work on Power BI
So, let’s get cracking!

What Are The Different Components Of Power BI

Power Pivot: 

Even though its name is a bit misleading, Power Pivot is an easy-to-use data modeling technique. It uses DAX (This stands for Data Analysis expression) language and configure to model simple and complex data.

Power Map 

It's a map. Gee what do you think it does. Jokes apart. Microsoft's Power Map for Excel and Power BI is a 3-D data visualization tool. 
That was a mouthful so I'll just tell you what it does. It just lets you map your data and plot more than a million rows of data visually. And oh yes, it is 3-D format on Bing maps from an Excel table.
To get the best visualization ranging from Longitudes and latitudes to countries and even city street addresses, Power Map works well with Bing Maps.
Talk about working as a spy.

Power BI Desktop 

This is the OG papa mac. Your one-stop shop/development tool for Power Query, Power Pivot, and Power View. With this little bad boy, you can control everything. This makes it very easy to churn and analyze data.

Power View 

Here's something that you might already know/don't know. Power View is a technology that is available right now! "Where?" you might ask, well in Excel, of course. And it is also available in Sharepoint, SQL Server, and Power BI. 
Create interactive charts, graphs, maps, and other visuals easily. It is so good that you bring your data to life. It can create a data visualization element or the entire report by connecting to data sources and filtering them. 

Power Q&A

This one is simple enough. It just lets you explore your data authentically. Or if I say it differently, then you can explore your data in your own words. It is the fastest way to get an answer from your data using your normal way of speaking in a language. 
Here's an example for you. "What was the total churn last year? But, before this is done once you've built your data model and deployed that on the Power BI website. 

Power Query 

To meet our analysis needs it allows us to discover, combine, connect, and refine data. It can be downloaded on Excel as an add-on, or it can be used as an aspect of POWER BI.

How To Use Power BI

If you have ever needed to ask if Power BI is right for you, then you don’t have to ask any longer.
Well because I am telling you that’s why:

A Fast Initiation. 

You will get insights quickly with a simple straightforward setup. By the way, just between you and me, the training isn't compulsory. You will also get already-included dashboards for services such as Salesforce, Google Analytics, and Microsoft Dynamics.

Sleek Publication And Simple Distribution. 

Just let your analysts upload reports and visualizations to the Power BI service. No more emailing large files on a shared drive. And by the way, the data is refreshed whenever the underlying dataset is updated.

Instant Information. 

Dashboards update in real-time, as data is streamed in. This gives the viewer the ability to solve problems. And not just that, but it also allows us to identify opportunities quickly. 
Any report or dashboard can display and update real-time data and visuals. Sources of streaming data can be anything from which time-sensitive data can be collected or transmitted.

Cortana Integration.

Admit it. You love Cortana more than Siri. Hey, HEY! Why are you getting angry, I can say my opinions, alright. Because Power BI works with Microsoft, it works along with the digital assistant, Cortana. This means that you can verbally ask questions in natural language and Cortana will give you access to charts and graphs. This can be especially helpful for users with mobile devices.
Note: If you’re into a heavy MacBook environment, or if by mistake you have joined the MacBook’s cult, then Power BI might not be your best option. Not because Mac is bad. But Power BI is not available on Mac OS and also on Linux.


Thank you for reading the article. For a more in-depth look, check out this article as well. If you could relate to anything in this article then feel free to share it with your loved ones. As always, we will see you next time. 

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