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How AI Is Making Differences in Online Food Delivery Systems?

artificial intelligence in online food delivery system
Online deliveries have not been limited just to food items, all thanks to the global pandemic. But even so, if we consider all the other industries, the food delivery industry alone will beat all the other industries. The food delivery system is not a new concept but the usage of Artificial Intelligence has given a sudden enhancement to leveraging the food delivery mobile applications to order the food and enjoy them with comfort.
Even with the brick and mortar food order system, we used to take out all the pamphlets we had and called up the specific restaurant to order the food, even after that we used to browse through the specific restaurant website to place the order right? Now you know what Artificial Intelligence has changed, right?
Now we have various food delivery mobile applications that give us a list of the restaurants from which we can order our favourite food.
I know, you must be thinking that's just the working of mobile applications, what Artificial Intelligence has to do with it. Let's see that as well.
It might have happened to you that you prefer eating vegetarian food and whenever you open up the food delivery mobile app all you see is the list of restaurants that serve the vegetarian food and it might have happened that your most preferred restaurants list above the others.
How does that happen? Bingo!!! you got it right, that is the working of Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence has much more impact on online food delivery systems than just customising your order preferences.
Let's explore the impacts of AI on online food delivery systems.

What Impact Does AI Have on Online Food Delivery Systems?

1) Future Insight

The food delivery industry is one of the industries that keep on changing without certain planning. But does that mean they should not plan anything in advance? Even if they should do it, the next question is how they should do it?
Artificial Intelligence plays an important role over here. It can help them with the planning by providing better data and insights equipped with past records. Artificial intelligence considers all the affecting factors before representing future plans and trends.
The list of the action plan includes all the required data starting from most searched items to most picked restaurants and so on.

2) Quick and Accurate Deliveries

Most people expect fresh and hot food in the least amount of time. There is nothing wrong with that. Implementation of Artificial intelligence algorithms can assist organisations to accomplish the basic requirements of the users in the most proficient manner.
The food delivery system that lacks the usage of Artificial intelligence ends up providing poor customer service and late deliveries.
Those are not just plain words, artificial intelligence considers the list of factors before assigning the food delivery partner for any delivery.
It considers the location of the restaurant and delivery partner, food processing stages, reviews and ratings the delivery person has received and various other factors that are nearly impossible to implement accurately without the usage of Artificial intelligence.
It's a win-win situation for the consumer, the delivery person, and even for the restaurants.

3) Food Recommendation

Just as mentioned above, it is the most basic usage of Artificial Intelligence in food delivery systems. The usage of artificial intelligence algorithms in the food delivery system keeps the track of user behaviour ever since users register themselves on the platform.
It tracks and generates all the useful data about the likes and dislikes of the users, their preferred restaurants, the most ordered food items, and the combos they like and customise their user experience accordingly.

4) Customer Support

Customers, restaurants and even delivery partners need the support at some point from your end. Imagine as a startup you considered providing human customer support, how many employees will you employ just to provide the customer support when a simple Artificial intelligence algorithm can replace all of them.
Artificial Intelligence can provide customer support considering all the affecting factors more accurately than human support. It minimises the chances of human error and maximises the accuracy rate.

5) Voice Ordering

In the world of Amazon Alexa, Siri, and Google Home why food ordering process should stick to the traditional methods. Integration of Artificial Intelligence with the food delivery platform will be able to take voice requests for the food orders or find the restaurants, place the orders and so on. It will generate tons of data that can help the organisations to provide a more personalised user experience.

6) Selection of the Delivery Partners

Till the date, various food delivery systems transfer the customer order to the nearby delivery partner without considering the fact how far the restaurant is or how far the delivery person has to travel to deliver the order.
Due to these reasons, it takes much more than the estimated delivery time for the delivery person to deliver the order. AI algorithms can help the food delivery systems to manage the orders accurately.
It will reflect the customer's order to two different delivery partners, one who is in the nearby location of the delivery address and the other who is in the nearby location of the restaurant where the customer has ordered the food.
It will enhance the delivery process as there will be two different people to pick up the order from the restaurant and deliver it to the customers. It will take the food delivery system to a whole new level.


Artificial Intelligence is not just limited to food delivery systems. No matter which industry you belong to, Artificial Intelligence algorithms can help you enhance your processes. You can reach out to the HData Systems experts, we can guide you on how to integrate Artificial Intelligence algorithms into your business processes to enhance the user experience.

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